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ACF Fall Results --

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At Tulsa 8 teams played and after the preliminary rounds the standings were as follows:

1. UTexas 7-0
2. The Chris Romero experience 6-1
3. Harding 5-2
4. OU A 4-3
5. UTD A 3-4
6. OU B 2-5
7. UTD B 1-6
8. NW Oklahoma State 0-7

After a play-off split RR (top half, bottom half) the standings
(of the top half) were as follows:

1. UTexas 9-1
1. Romero 9-1
3. Harding 6-4
4. OU A 4-6

Texas and Romero played a one game final and Texas won in overtime.

Top Individual Scorers

1. Romero, Romero
2. Jason Loy, Harding
3. Jeremy, OU
4. Caleb Lo, Texas
5. Eric Kwartler, Texas
6. Daniel, UTD A
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Chris Frankel
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Mid-Atlantic results from Rutgers-Newark:

Prelims featured a 9 team round robin; I'm not 100% of all the records, so I didn't list the ones I was unsure of. The results were:

1. Princeton A, 8-0
2. Swarthmore A, 6-2
3. Rutgers-NB, 5-3
4. Jeff Bennett playing solo, 5-3
5. Delaware A, 5-3
6. CUNY (Freeburg/Wang), 4-4
7. Swarthmore B
8. Princeton B, 1-7
9. Delaware B

After the RR, the playoff brackets were broken into top 5 and lower 4. It was ruled that prelim results would be thrown out and only playoffs used in determining final places (deja vu from Cornell, anyone?). Princeton A and Swarthmore A played in the last round; Princeton with a 2-1 playoff record, and Swarthmore 3-0. It was decided that their meeting in the playoffs would be a finals game that determined the champion. Princeton A won 325-185 to win the tournament.

Playoff standings (top bracket only):

1. Princeton A, 3-1 (11-1 overall)
2. Swarthmore A, 3-1 (9-3 overall)
3. Jeff Bennett, 2-2 w/ head to head over Rutgers (7-5)
4. Rutgers-NB, 1-2 w/last match a forfeit win over Delaware A, (6-5)
5. Delaware A, 0-3 w/last match forfeited to Rutgers-NB in the interest of leaving early, (5-6)

The top three individual scorers were:
1. Jeff Bennett
2. Chris Frankel, Princeton A
3. Jason Keller, Rutgers-NB

Needless to say, Freeburg got the neg prize.

Overall, thanks to Rutgers-Newark for stepping up and providing a great location to host and to all their members for doing a smooth job of organization and staffing. It was their first attempt to host a tournament, and they did a very strong job of it. Thanks to Subash, Matt, ACF, et al for the questions; I'm sure we'll be seeing ample discussion of them in the days to come.
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Just to add onto and slightly amend what Chris said; Swat A actually had a 5-3 prelim record. Swarthmore B was 2-6 in the prelims and 2-1 in the lower bracket to presumably win the Div. II championship. Delaware A actually beat Swat A while losing to Swat B.

Kudos to Matt and Subash for the excellent editing, and to the Rutgers-Newark crew for an excellent first hosting job. All in all, a very enjoyable day.
Chris White
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Post by vandyhawk »

At UT-Knoxville, 9 teams did a full round-robin, followed by a finals game if the top two teams were separated by one or fewer games. After the round robin, the standings were approximately (I forgot to write all of them down):

1. Vanderbilt A 8-0
2. Kentucky A 7-1
3. South Carolina 6-2
(not positive about 4-8)
4. Ga Tech 5-3
5. Kentucky B 5-3
6. Athens State
7. Kentucky D
8. Kentucky C
9. Vanderbilt B 0-8

Vandy A and Kentucky A (just Seth) played a finals round with Vandy holding a one-game advantage, and Vandy won 435-185 to take the title.

Thanks to UT-K for running a very smooth tournament, and to the editors for an accessible, mostly very high quality set. There were more repeated subjects than expected, but I have to assume that's due at least in part to late submissions. I look forward to more discussion about the set.
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UIUC Results, in Brief

Post by Captain Sinico »

UIUC's ACF Fall site was won by Chicago B (Andrew Yaphe). Sudheer will make a full post later.

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Post by quizbowlmike »

At USF it was

Final Standings:
Rnk Team W- L
1. Florida A 11- 1*
2. Florida State A 11- 1*
3. Florida B 9- 3
tie Florida C 9- 3
5. Florida State B 8- 4
6. Polk CC Green 8- 4
7. Manatee CC Blue 6- 6
8. Valencia CC A 5- 7
tie Florida State C 5- 7
10. Valencia CC B 4- 8
tie Saint Leo 4- 8
12. Valencia CC C 3- 9
13. Manatee CC Gold 1-11
14. Polk CC Orange 0-12

*Division I

The tie between UF A and FSU A for the overall championship is broken
by total points over their two games head-to-head. The tie between UF
B and UF C is not broken by their request. The tie between FSU B and
Polk CC Green is broken by their one game head-to-head. Ties for 8th
and 10th overall are not broken.

Top 10 Scorers:
Rnk Name Team PPG
1 Paul Schreiber MCC Blue 53.75
2 Matt FSU A 41.25*
3 Aaron Maslanic Polk Green 40.42
4 Doug UF B 39.58
5 David Lugrin UF A 39.17*
6 David Buckley FSU B 37.08
7 John van Hezewyk St. Leo 36.25
8 Irena Li UF A 35.00*
9 Evan FSU A 32.92
10 Gary UF C 27.50

*Division I
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Post by plujan »

Results from Berkeley (as copied from my Yahoo! post):

Eight teams competed in the 2004 ACF Fall regional at Berkeley. The
teams played a single round-robin, then were seeded into two playoff
brackets where they played a double round-robin, for a total of 13 rounds.

Stanford A (11-2) took home the title, with Berkeley C (11-3) one game
behind, but ineligible for the title, so no playoff was necessary. Top
scorers were Jerry (Berkeley A) with 95.8 PPG, Eric (Stanford A) with
76.2 PPG, and David (Berkeley A) with 61.9 PPG. David from Stanford B
took home the neg crown with an impressive 27.

Full stats are available at ... dings.html

I'd like to commend Matt C. for a job well done on the editing. Most
importantly, the difficulty was very accessible; the tournament was
mercifully free of 40-25 games that make everyone unhappy, but the
more experienced teams had fun as well.

I'd also like to thank Jeff Hoppes, Martha Matsumoto, and Salpi
Vartivarian for reading, and Juliana Froggatt and the rest of the
prize brigade.


EDIT: Oh, I forgot to mention: By virtue of being the only D2 team in the top bracket, Berkeley B captured the Division 2 title.
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Post by suds1000 »

Ten teams competed at UIUC this past weekend in our incarnation of ACF Fall, and in the end, it was the University of Chicago cleaning up, as Chicago B (in the form of Andrew Yaphe playing solo) took home the Division I championship by narrowly defeating Chicago A in a finals series. Chicago C took third overall after the playoff round-robin and won the Division II championship.

Standings at the end of the round-robin are available at ... dings.html, and the link to the individual stats can be found there as well. In short, this was how the top playoff bracket finished:

Chicago B (Division I champion, 12-2, including two finals games)
Chicago A (11-3, including two finals games)
Chicago C (Division II champions, 8-4)
Michigan (7-3)

The top three scorers in Division I were:

1. Andrew (Chicago)
2. Seth (Chicago)
3. Jason (Missouri)

The top three scorers in Division II were:
1. Kannan (Chicago)
2. Laura (Chicago)
3. Bruce (Chicago)

My deepest thanks go out to our staffing crew of Dom Ricci, Mike Sorice, Matt Cvijanovich, Subash Maddipoti, Dave Kiang, Tom Phillips, Kelly Tourdot, and Micah, whose last name escapes me right now. I'd also like to thank Dawn Owen-Nicholson for hooking us up with a bunch of free copies...we are indebted.

In addition to results and such, I just wanted to heap my own personal praise upon a great question set which was nearly flawless other than a few repeats here and there. Congratulations to both Subash and Matt on a great editing job...I hope to see more work like this in the future.

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stats for acf fall midatlantic

Post by rukh214 »

The stats for ACF Fall Midatlantic (at Rutgers-Newark) are finally
up. The website is

Sorry for the delay!


Shah Ali
Rutgers-Newark Academic Team