ACF regionals announcement -- packet requirements

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ACF regionals announcement -- packet requirements

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As previous posts have mentioned, ACF regionals will be held on February 26, 2005. This year's team of editors consists of Jeff Hoppes, Mike Sorice, and Andrew Yaphe (i.e. me). If you're interested in hosting a regional site, please contact me or Jeff ([email protected]).

With the first deadline for ACF regionals packets just over two months away (remember, you can save $30 by getting us your packet before January 14!), teams are no doubt eager to know what they need to write.  Packet requirements for ACF regionals are given below.  Please note that these guidelines are more or less the same as the guidelines for ACF fall.  However, there are important changes, one of which is the total number of questions required (26/26, rather than 30/30). Remember that all packets should follow standard ACF formatting guidelines (if you don't know what these are, consult the ACF website: ), and should be sent to Jeff Hoppes at [email protected].

The ACF regionals distribution:

Literature 5/5
History 5/5
Science 5/5
Religion, Myth, Philosophy 3/3
Fine Arts 3/3
Social Science/Geography 2/2
More "Big Three" (i.e. Lit, Hist, Sci) 2/2
Your Choice/Miscellaneous (Can include Trash) 1/1

More specific requirements in each category are as follows.

Literature 5/5: No more than 2/2 on Brit or American lit. Please vary according to nationalities, genres, and time periods.

History 5/5: No more than 1/1 ancient (pre 4th century CE) and no more than 1/2 or 2/1 pre 1492. No more than 2/2 on any one century including 20th.

Science 5/5: At least 1/1 bio, 1/1 physics, 1/1 chem and 1/1 other (i.e. not bio, physics, or chem).  We encourage teams to write non-computational math and real (e.g. not "name the designer of these programming languages") computer science questions, if they can. Also, please adhere to the distribution as much as possible.  For example, if you want to write biophysics questions, that's fine, but we still want 1/1 bio and 1/1 physics: the biophysics would count as "other."

Religion/Myth/Phil 3/3: Please write at least one religion question on a non-Christian topic.  Also, please use two different systems for your myth questions. "Celtic" and "Irish" are not two different systems.

Fine Arts 3/3: 1/1 painting, 1/1 fine arts music, 1/1 something else (architecture, sculpture, dance etc).

Geography/Social Sciences 2/2: Please write 1/1 social science and 1/1 geography. Also, please vary your tossup and bonus in social science (e.g. if you write a psychology tossup, don't also write a psychology bonus).

More Big Three 2/2: Please vary - do not write all questions on one subject.

Your Choice/Miscellaneous 1/1: This can include trash (e.g., a tossup on Robocop 3) and would be a good place to put multi-disciplinary questions.

If you have any questions about what to write, please contact me.

Andrew Yaphe