National History Bee Spring Internship

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National History Bee Spring Internship

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The National History Bee’s Middle School division would like to let the quizbowl community know about an internship opportunity for this coming spring.

As some of you know, one stage of the National History Bee’s Middle School Division is the Regional Finals, located in three dozen major metropolitan areas across the country. These events are essentially three-hour-long, after-school, buzzer tournaments which staff members of the National History Bee travel around and run in February, March, and April.

We started an Internship program for college students and recent graduates to join us on this trip and help us run the Regional Finals. The trip is a lot of fun, as we take time to see the sites, eat interesting food, and soak in the glory of America along the way. I know firsthand that this opportunity can be particularly appealing to recent graduates who would not otherwise have the chance to travel so extensively at this point in their life (we visit ~45 of the 50 states).

More information can be found in this Internship Flyer. Please check it out and send me any questions you may have ([email protected])

We hope to hear from you soon.
Nick Clusserath

Dorman / Clemson / Rutgers