ANNOUNCEMENT: Delta Burke 2013 (Mirrors Available!)

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ANNOUNCEMENT: Delta Burke 2013 (Mirrors Available!)

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Valencia College will host the 17th (?) iteration of our community-college level Delta Burke tournament on Friday, November 8, and Saturday, November 9. If you are a CC team and want to play, we'd love to have you. But let's face it--if you are part of a CC team that would come to our actual site, you probably have already heard from me directly. So I'm not going to waste space with fees and such ($125 base, typical discounts, c'mon down!).

The main reason for posting here is to alert the community to mirroring possibilities. The set will be available for $20/team to any college or HS team which would like to run it. The questions are closer to ACF Fall level than they are to Collegiate Novice, probably, and my own quirkiness seems to lead to a couple overly difficult or weird outlier questions each year, but I'm trying, Ringo, I'm trying real hard.

Longtime readers of the board may know, however, that, out of the 520 questions (13 rounds), it is distinctly possible that 3-4 bonus lead-ins or parts will include invective directed toward political conservatives or jokes about how old Strom Thurmond was. A couple years ago there was a bonus part with an answer of "feces" or "poop" in reference to Chris Ofili's "Madonna" in the Sensation show, so I reckon it's not impossible that something like that could occur again. I'm told that such bits may drive some players, especially high schoolers, away from quiz bowl forever, which I certainly don't want. There's nothing in my master file right now that seems all that controversial, and it's not an election year, but I don't write a lot of the current events type stuff till the week before the tournament, and who knows what kind of really mean things I may write about Ted Cruz. So caveat emptor.

But if you think this would be of interest to you, contact me at cborglum at valenciacollege dot edu.
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Re: ANNOUNCEMENT: Delta Burke 2013 (Mirrors Available!)

Post by sychipola »

Chipola Blue finished 12-0, beating Broward in the final to claim the Delta Burke title.

Stats can be found here: ... standings/
Stan Young, Chipola College