ACF regionals -- general packet comments

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ACF regionals -- general packet comments

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At some point, the editors of this year's ACF tournaments offered to provide constructive criticism on their packet to any team that wanted such criticism. I don't know whether we've mentioned the offer recently, so I'll say it again: If you've written a packet for ACF regionals and you want feedback, please send me an email and I'll get back to you. This might be especially useful for teams who are planning on writing packets for ACF nationals, but anyone who is interested in getting an assessment of their work might want to avail themselves of this opportunity.

If you haven't yet submitted a packet to regionals, but are planning to do so, here's a few tips. First: Please, please, please consult the formatting guidelines. Once you've consulted them, obey them. I've been astounded by the wide variety of formats on display in the packets we've received thus far; especially annoying are those packets in which each of three or four different question writers has chosen to follow his own peculiar bent when it comes to formatting, and nobody has bothered to standardize the questions before sending them to us. Second: Please, please, please consult Subash's extremely valuable tips for question writers on the ACF webpage ( Once you've consulted them, heed them. It would be a good idea to download packets from last year's tournaments and emulate what you see there.

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