2014 SCT: specific questions

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Re: 2014 SCT: specific questions

Post by Steve Watchorn » Sat Feb 15, 2014 1:13 pm

I think the wording on C is just a little confusing. If you are asking for "reduced Planck('s) constant," then having the last sentence in C. just muddies the waters (in my opinion). Almost reflexively, I complete it with "Planck('s) constant," even though that is clearly not what is being asked. I would change the last sentence to "it equals a related constant over 2-pi" or something like that. That way, you don't say reduced or Planck constant, but can still accept the entire answer space desired. From the 20-20 hindsight department. :smile: (plus I realize I missed the post right before this one that said essentially the same thing... paying attention helps, Steve). :oops:

Also, my little bugbear with the lead-in is that Heisenberg's principle, if I remember correctly, states that one cannot simultaneously know momentum and position (as one such pair) with infinite precision.
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