2005 Carper Award

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Birdofredum Sawin
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2005 Carper Award

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This year's Carper Award went to Charlie Steinhice, whose renown as an inveterate hoster of tournaments speaks for itself.

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Dan Greenstein
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Congratulations to Mr. Steinhice for winning the Carper Award. I commend him for his continued support of UTC and it seems the entire South region by hosting a significant percentage of the remaining packet submission tournaments in that region.

I also wish to exult in the lexis prowess of Mr. Yaphe, who introduces yet another word to my comparatively limited vocabulary.
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Charlie doesn't have a spine? Man, that makes his tournament hosting legacy that much greater in my book!
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Mr. Steinhice is a couple letters away from having no spine, but does have a long history of hosting tournaments. This is another fine example of the power of r & b.