ACF: thanks and prospects

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ACF: thanks and prospects

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This could probably be two separate posts, but I'll combine them in one.

First, I want to thank everyone who helped make ACF nationals possible this year. The set couldn't have been produced without the assistance of my redoubtable co-editors: Jason Paik, Wesley Matthews, Paul Litvak, Matt Reece, and Andrew Ullsperger. Special thanks to Paul for running the administrative side of the tournament and for writing some very special social science tossups. Second, thanks to Northwestern for doing a fine job hosting the tournament, and special thanks to Justin for his invaluable assistance in keeping things running smoothly. Third, thanks to everyone who gave up a very nice Saturday to staff the tournament: Alice Chou, Mike Altman, Leah Williams, Christian Kammerer, Laura Kirkpatrick, David Press, Andy Wehrman, the indispensable Tim McElroy, and of course Colby. (Some of those last names, or at least the spellings thereof, are purely conjectural: sorry if I got them wrong.) Also, thanks to anyone I forgot and of course thanks to all the teams for showing up and enduring some very challenging rounds of academic competition.

Also: In the interests of improving the game, we would like to offer any team that submitted a packet to nationals the option of getting feedback on your questions from the editors. If you wrote questions for the tournament and would like some commentary on your round, please let me know.

Now for the prospective portion of this post. Announcements will be made later this month about next year's slate of ACF tournaments. If your school would be interested in hosting ACF fall, regionals, nationals, or some combination of the above, please email me. In particular, if you would be interested in hosting nationals please let me know why your school would be suitable for the tournament (location, large pool of quality moderators, etc.).