Boston Summer Practices?

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Boston Summer Practices?

Post by jmarvin_ »

Since I'll be living in Boston for most of the summer, I thought it'd be worth seeing if there's sufficient interest to have summer practices in the area like in Chicago or Maryland. Between Harvard, MIT, Northeastern, myself, any students returning home to the Boston area, and perhaps even precocious high-schoolers, I'd assume there'd be enough people around to get a worthwhile and fun regular practice going.

Before getting ahead of myself to the "when" or "where" of things, would anyone be interested in this?
john marvin
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Maury Island incident
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Re: Boston Summer Practices?

Post by Maury Island incident »

I'd be interested in some of these, but I don't know how many people are in Massachusetts for the summer.
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Re: Boston Summer Practices?

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A bunch of people on the Harvard team are around this summer, so we'll definitely be running open practices. Will post with an update once we get a regular room.
Will H-M
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Re: Boston Summer Practices?

Post by a bird »

I'm also interested; I'll be in the area for most of June and July.
Graham R.


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Re: Boston Summer Practices?

Post by vcpavao »

I'd be interested
Victor Pavao
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Re: Boston Summer Practices?

Post by orgoman »

I'd be interested also.
Ronald "Chip" Horton
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Re: Boston Summer Practices?

Post by UlyssesInvictus »

Harvard will be hosting weekly practices in Memorial Hall near the beginning of the summer, and then potentially in the business school if summer school takes our location. More details to come.
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Re: Boston Summer Practices?

Post by alinktothefuture »

MIT will also be holding open practices on Tuesday evenings. Details available here.
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