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ANNOUNCEMENT: Delta Burke 2015 (Nov. 13-14)

Posted: Tue Sep 22, 2015 7:36 pm
by ValenciaQBowl
Let the poppers pop and the breakers break! Delta Burke returns on November 13-14, 2015, in The City Beautiful (that's Orlando). As always, this tournament is written for community college players as an introduction to the game. I don't imagine any of the CC teams who expect to play in Florida will use this board as their way of finding out about the tournament, but if you'd like to send a CC team to Orlando, feel free to post here!

More important for the rest of y'all is noting that once again mirrors will be available, with a mirror fee of $25/team. I'd really like to NOT have mirrors after April, though; it's been kind of a bummer to have to wait until well into summer to release the set the last couple years. Also, though it's certainly up to any site interested in mirroring, keep in mind this is definitely a novice set (with odd quirks), so I wouldn't recommend it for really strong fields.

At the Orlando site the fees will work like this:
$125 base fee
-$10 for buzzer we use
-$10 for each staffer used
-$10 for second team
-$20 for third team

For mirror inquiries, shoot me an e-mail: cborglum at valenciacollege dot edu

EDIT: Please note that we'll be producing 12 rounds, so mirror hosts can plan accordingly.

Re: ANNOUNCEMENT: Delta Burke 2015 (Nov. 13-14)

Posted: Sun Nov 15, 2015 9:57 pm
by ValenciaQBowl
Congrats to New College "Baby" (five teams named for Spice Girls) for winning the 19th iteration of Delta Burke at Valencia. Manatee A finished second and, for the second straight year, as the highest finishing community college team. Despite some crazy room reservation shenanigans (like having two rooms assigned to us that don't appear to exist, as well as discovering one of the rooms was the culinary school's kitchen), a good time was had by all.

Stats are here: ... urke_2015/