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Re: (Missouri Open 2015) Specific Question Discussion

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I took Stephen's suggestion and combined it with the rewording of the second sentence I'd mentioned before. Thanks for the suggestions, both of you.
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Re: (Missouri Open 2015) Specific Question Discussion

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7. In a work inspired by this conflict, a fisherman earns money by showing tourists his “scar made by a rusted anchor.” A poem alluding to the aftermath of this conflict compares a “husband’s longing” to an adulterer hearing his lover’s name in “every gull’s outcry,” and laments: “The (*) classics can console. But not enough.” That work’s author was inspired by this war to include Major Plunkett, Seven Seas, and Ma Kilman in a work set on St. Lucia. In his Omeros, Derek Walcott adapted – for 10 points – what war chronicled in the Iliad?
ANSWER: Trojan War
I felt like the Omeros-thru-Trojan-War tossup had a rather unspecific leadin. Omeros was influenced by several wars, and I negged with Revolutionary War because a whole section of the poem is devoted the involvement of Plunkett's ancestor in the Battle of the Saintes. True, the Trojan War was the main inspiration, but I feel the leadin could have indicated more clearly that the Trojan War was specifically what was wanted.
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