The Definitive Greatest QB Poems List

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The Definitive Greatest QB Poems List

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This is possibly the funniest thing I have ever seen.

Check them out at the ACF website -

Go to the "About Us" section, click on the various "biographies" links, and be blown away.

All credit should go to A. and Z. You know who I mean, unless you're Jerry, then you might be confused for just a second.

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Holy shit, those are funny.
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The brain of whoever wrote the stuff for Yaphe's bio needs to be preserved to set an example for the rest of us.

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It's from the SNL "Bill Brasky" sketches. No preserving the brains of modern SNL writers.

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Just wait until I finish the Timiad.
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If by modern you mean after circa 2002, SNL writers have no brains to preserve - how a good show can become so bad I'll never know. Anyway, I've noticed that some of the Brasky quotes are slightly modified. For example, Brasky's poop is used as currency in Argentina, not Mauritius - perhaps Zeke suggested that alteration.

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DaGeneral wrote:The brain of whoever wrote the stuff for Yaphe's bio needs to be preserved to set an example for the rest of us.
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This is great stuff. One small thing: since I never check my Yahoo! account, my email should be [email protected] or [email protected] until I find a more permanent Brown address.
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