2016 MUT: Specific question discussion

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Re: Specific question discussion

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George Corfield wrote:A few quibbles around some of the biology which occured to me whilst I was reading at the UK site:

The second clue in the Adipose Tissue tossup read, "The resident macrophages of this tissue may release pro-inflammatory cytokines like IL-6 and TNF-alpha". They may do, but so do the tissue resident macrophages of any other tissue; those two cytokines and IL-1 are probably the biggest players in the acute phase response of inflammation. At best this clue adds nothing and at worst could prompt an answer of another tissue which would have been equally correct.
This was my question, so I'll address it: This is fair, and I didn't reverse-lookup this clue very carefully. I had thought there was something special about adipose tissue macrophages, but clearly the clue is not uniquely identifying. I'll find some way to change it soon.
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Re: Specific question discussion

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I want to endorse all of George's criticisms of specific questions
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Re: Specific question discussion

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I'm glad the Argentina question used a dank Facundo clue. Literally the most important essay in Latin American history and also why gauchos were not given the same standing as American cowboys (because they were considered barbarians--only the city can be civilized!).
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