Chicago Open 2006

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Chicago Open 2006

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I was meaning to post about this, but Chris's nice paean to Subash provides a helpful spur. There will, in fact, be a Chicago Open in 2006. There's a small possibility that I will write it myself; a somewhat larger possibility that I will write it in collaboration with others; a perhaps even larger possibility that I will edit it; and also a possibility that I will turn over writing/editing duties to someone else I deem competent so that I can play myself. If you're interested in being involved with running the tournament next year, feel free to get in touch with me. Or if you want to play and have a marked preference for a written or a packet-submission tournament, you can let me know that also.

In addition, I'm considering writing a Second Annual Mordecai Richler Memorial Trash Tournament for that weekend, perhaps with the help of a new accomplice. I haven't seen any response to the first Mordecai Richler -- I don't know whether this silence is a tacit expression of displeasure with the set or just a sign that everyone is tired of commenting on questions. Obviously I'd be more inclined to write another trash tournament if people enjoyed the first one and would want to play another.