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NAQT Collegiate Novice @ Berkeley (Oct 1)

Posted: Wed Aug 31, 2016 8:10 pm
by njsbling
UC Berkeley will be hosting the NorCal mirror of the NAQT Collegiate Novice tournament on Saturday, October 1. We will be using NAQT IS-158C. We will have registration at 9AM at 105 Dwinelle and plan to begin at 9:30AM.


Players meeting one or more of the following criteria must apply to the TD (me) for special permission to play:

If you have ever finished in the top 25 in scoring at PACE NSC or top 35 in scoring at NAQT HSNCT, or played on a team that finished in the top 24 at NSC or t-21 at HSNCT.
If you have ever scored at least 30 points per game at any college tournament.
If you have ever won any college tournament.

Entry fees:

$15 per person ($60 for team of 4)

-$5 for new schools (per person)
-$5 for 75 miles or more traveled (one-way) (per person)
-$5 per buzzer (per team)
-$10 per staffer (per team)

To register please fill out this form: ... w/viewform

Field as of 9/30 (11):
Berkeley (8)
Davis (1)
Sacramento City College (1)
SJSU (1)

The UC Berkeley Quiz Bowl Club is a student group acting independently of the University of California. The student organization is the host of the California Cup and takes full responsibility for the guests.

Re: NAQT Collegiate Novice @ Berkeley (Oct 1)

Posted: Sat Oct 01, 2016 9:13 pm
by njsbling
Congrats to Berkeley A for winning the 2016 Berkeley NAQT Collegiate Novice tournament! Thank you to all of our excellent staff for their help.

Stats/results are here: ... nt_id=7710