OAT Mirror @ ND

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OAT Mirror @ ND

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Hi everybody,

I have just gotten permission from the good people at Oxford to run a mirror of their Oxford Open Packet (technically). OAT is just a slightly edited version to make it more playable to an American audience. The Quizbowl Club here at Notre Dame would like to hold a tournament here on Campus sometime in April. I realize that ICT and ACF Nats are both around that time (the 8th and the 22/23 respectively) so we would like to plan around those in order to allow as many teams as possible to come. If you would be interested in coming leave a post here or message me directly and feel free to suggest what date would work best for your club. If we can get an idea of how many teams are coming, we can quickly flesh out definite details for a date and other specifics.

EDIT: In response to requests about tournament details, This tournament is an open and there is currently only one other location in the US right now (NYU).
Thank you so much for your time.

EDIT 2 ELECTRIC BOOGALOO: We are currently checking with other teams in the area to see who would be interested, we would look to get about 10-12 teams interested before we confirm details but we will keep y'all updated as we move forward.

EDIT 3: Due to a lack of interest I am gonna say that we cannot hold the tournament on either day, there just were not enough positive responses from teams for me to continue holding the packet and the date. I hope I am not disappointing anyone too much, but there are other options available for the dates given and I hope that everyone can find something to fill their schedule. As such I am emailing the Oxford guys to open the Midwest back up to any school who would want to host a tournament on this packet. Again sorry for the inconvenience.
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Re: OAT Mirror @ ND

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Preference for April 1 and 15. April 1 is better because it can be a tuneup for both nationals.

An informal poll of the Chicago team suggested we can field one team (of people who didn't play the oxford site). Formal polling might get a second team.
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Re: OAT Mirror @ ND

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Northwestern would definitely be interested in an April 1 tournament and possibly in an April 15 one.
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Re: OAT Mirror @ ND

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April 1 should work for MSU. Just a heads up though: U-M is hosting NAQT Michigan that day.
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Re: OAT Mirror @ ND

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To clarify, will this mirror be open?
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Re: OAT Mirror @ ND

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I have a good friend at Notre Dame (oh no, quizbowl tourism!) and could staff. I'd prefer the 1st.
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