PACENSC ~ A Pokemon Side Event

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Re: PACENSC ~ A Pokemon Side Event

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Vivit wrote: Harris also wins the neg prize for negging an astonishing 35 tossups. For the record, Adam negged 34, ten of those being in one round.

Fake news
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Re: PACENSC ~ A Pokemon Side Event

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This was fun and very well written. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this!
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Re: PACENSC ~ A Pokemon Side Event

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We're planning to run this as a side event at the Toronto HSNCT mirror tomorrow and haven't received the packets yet. Would someone be able to send them to us/get in touch with the authors for us?

Edit: Got this one. Thanks a bunch!
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Re: PACENSC ~ A Pokemon Side Event

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Yo, I am probably going to read this on Saturday, October 7th, at 8:00PM EST on the quizbowl Discord unless any folks who are interested would prefer another time. After that I'll have Daniel upload the set to the archive. Obviously, the few folks who played it at either HSNCT or PACE shouldn't play.
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