getting paid for the Eisenhower Memorial Tournament

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getting paid for the Eisenhower Memorial Tournament

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Hey guys!

Out of the mirror sites for the Eisenhower Memorial Tournament, the following have sent in payments: WUSTL, Washington, BYU, Texas Invitational, VCU, Minnesota, Berkeley, Cambridge, Chicago, and Valencia. Special thanks goes to Valencia for being very helpful in navigating their payment system, which involved me filling out some forms for administrative purposes.

Princeton and UGA have sent me forms that I need to fill out. I have yet to do this, because of school / EFT responsibilities / oh hell I'm gonna graduate in 2018, but I'll do that shortly. No worries, but next time I'd prefer getting a bit more forewarning on these things.

Waterloo and Ohio State have responded to my most recent inquiries with reassurances that either a cheque is being prepared / should have been prepared / was allegedly sent, and I anticipate good results there too. Thanks for answering my emails.

Would the persons in charge at Penn State (who did a sort-of-intramural mirror) and UCLA (who did a normal mirror) please contact me at their convenience? I've sent multiple emails and have yet to receive a response. Hopefully a cheque was sent, but I do not currently have you down as having paid / a cheque has not yet arrived. If you have not been receiving my emails, that's worrying, because I've been emailing the address to which I sent the packets.

I'd also like to note that for EMT writers who haven't been paid yet, I'll do that momentarily (I think my chequebook is back in Richmond...) -- this is a public commitment that I haven't forgotten to pay people.

If I've gotten anything mistaken in the above post, please let me know!
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Re: getting paid for the Eisenhower Memorial Tournament

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I just sent an email that should clear up the Penn State payment.
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