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Stevenson Memorial Tournament at WUSTL - 3/24/18

Posted: Mon Jan 29, 2018 10:45 am
by Charbroil
The Washington University Quiz Bowl team will be hosting a mirror of the 2018 Stevenson Memorial Tournament on March 24th, 2018.

I, Charles Hang, will be Tournament Director. To register, or if you have any questions, please email our team at [email protected].

The original tournament announcement wrote:Only undergraduate and high school students can play this tournament. "Undergraduate" in this case does not follow the traditional ACF definition--fifth-year (or greater) undergraduates with no bachelor's-level degree are still eligible to play.

Less-experienced grad students (i.e. grad students who have not played a tournament before this school year, with slight exceptions granted at our discretion) can request permission directly from us to play the set (by contacting [Young Fenimore Lee] at [email protected]), and if granted will be able to play at a mirror. Otherwise, they will not be allowed to play.
High schoolers are exempt from the usual requirement that players and teams play under their actual personal and team names. High schoolers are also welcome to form open teams, contingent on my approval.


Tournament check-in will begin at 8:30 AM, morning announcements will be at 8:50, and play will begin at 9:00.


The tournament will probably take place in Eads Hall (Building 31 here). Due to construction on our campus, we advise that you park at the Simon Lot here.


To register, please e-mail our team at [email protected] with the following information:

1/ The number of teams you will bring
2/ The number of buzzers you will bring
3/ The names of your players on each team
4/ The number of staff you will bring
5/ A cell phone number for someone attending the tournament so that I can reach you the day of the event in case of emergencies

Fee Structure

Base fee: $110
Buzzer systems: -$5 each
Staffers: -$10 each
Travel: -$10 for every 200 mi. traveled

Minimum Fee: $40

Checks should be made out to "Washington University Quiz Bowl;" we can also take cash payments, but greatly prefer payment by check.


The tournament will be use the Stevenson Memorial Tournament set, a spiritual successor to past years' Minnesota Undergraduate Tournament (MUT) sets and last year's Eisenhower Memorial Tournament (EMT) set. Past MUT sets and the EMT set can be found here.

Field (To be updated as registrations and expressions of interest appear)

WUSTL 4 (3 buzzers, many staffers)
Illinois 2 (4 buzzers, 1 staffer)
Missouri 2 (1 buzzer, 0 staffers)
Louisville 1 (2 buzzers, 0 staffers)
Truman State 1 (1 buzzer, 0 staffers)
"Scholar Quiz A" 1 (0 buzzers, 0 staffers)
East Central College 1 (0 buzzers, 0 staffers)

We are tentatively capping the field at 12 teams due to staffing limitations.

Please feel free to share this announcement with any schools that you think would be interested in attending.

Re: Stevenson Memorial Tournament at WUSTL - 3/24/18

Posted: Sat Mar 24, 2018 4:56 pm
by Charbroil
Results are being updated here.

Re: Stevenson Memorial Tournament at WUSTL - 3/24/18

Posted: Sat Mar 24, 2018 8:25 pm
by Charbroil
Charbroil wrote:Results are being updated here.
Congratulations to Missouri A for winning the tournament! Illinois B came in 2nd.

Stats are fully updated except for the final, which will be included shortly.

Thanks to everyone who attended! Thanks also to our staffers! This was a great event and it wouldn't have been possible without all of you.

Re: Stevenson Memorial Tournament at WUSTL - 3/24/18

Posted: Sun Mar 25, 2018 10:49 pm
by Charbroil
Combined stats including the final can be found here.

We also used Ophir's advanced scoresheets and statistics program at our site. The advanced stats aren't complete yet, but they will presumably be available in the tournament discussion forum once they are.

As someone who moderated using the advanced scoresheets for the first time, I found them easy and intuitive to use; I finished rounds in about 30 minutes several times. Ophir has put several valuable innovations in his system which make it quite user-friendly. Notably, his HTML packets let you jump between tossups and bonuses at the click of a button while saving where you were each time; I think this system is faster and easier than every other system of transitioning between tossups and bonuses (split-screen, having two tabs open, using paper packets and separating the bonuses from the tossups, etc.) that I have ever used.

Whereas several of our moderators last time had difficulty using the system without scorekeepers, yesterday, at least two of our moderators said they didn't need scorekeepers when they were offered. We completed rounds in an average of 40 minutes, which is consistent with what I've experienced at most collegiate tournaments, and takes into account some human factors (we started a little more slowly than usual because there was a reporter at our mirror profiling us for our upcoming ICT appearance).

Finally, there is another innovation in the latest version of the advanced scoresheets/statistics that I did not use, but which I think will be quite valuable going forward. The advanced statistics now let a tournament director track team win-loss records and PPG as well as individual PPG as the tournament is ongoing. Because of that, at small events where there won't be much rebracketing (like ours), it is now possible to forego using SQBS during the tournament because the advanced statistics contain all of the information you need for day-of-tournament tasks such as rebracketing, awarding individual awards, etc. Obviously, tournament hosts should still upload SQBS stats after a tournament is over, but it is nice that the advanced statistics theoretically could make a dedicated statsperson unnecessary at smaller events.

Thanks again to everyone who attended our tournament!

Re: Stevenson Memorial Tournament at WUSTL - 3/24/18

Posted: Sun Mar 25, 2018 10:56 pm
by Charbroil
As an addendum, Ophir was also incredibly helpful in providing technical support while I was making preparations last week to use his program again. He has also been very helpful in adding features to the program in response to feedback--the feature allowing TDs to see team PPG at a glance was added in less than three days after I made a comment last Wednesday about how it would be useful. Beyond that, Ophir also provided a lot of help on the SMT set that proved quite valuable, despite not being an original member of the writing/editing team. Thanks so much for your help, Ophir!

Re: Stevenson Memorial Tournament at WUSTL - 3/24/18

Posted: Tue May 01, 2018 9:19 pm
by Ye Unfeeling Romeo
A private discussion forum has been opened for everyone who played an SMT mirror. To join the private forum, go to User Control Panel -> Usergroups -> Select "2018 SMT Discussion" -> Click "Submit". We'd love your input on the set before the last few mirrors in May, so please join the discussion forum if you haven't already! Thank you!