Cambridge Open @ UCF July 7th,2018

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Cambridge Open @ UCF July 7th,2018

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Hi all,
I am pleased to announce that UCF will be hosting Cambridge Open, a regular difficulty written in the UK. Just so people know, the Open in Cambridge Open does in fact mean any person can play, at least in this specific instance. Here is the team formation spreadsheet: ... sp=sharing

Also this is a link to distribution for those that are curious: ... 1&p=345588

Location and Time
The tournament will be held at UCF's BA1 (Business Administration 1) building; it's where we held the last few UCF tournaments. Try to be there by 9 as I hope to start rounds by 9:30. Bradley K will serve as the TD

$80 Flat
UCF has two buzzers so if people be kind enough to bring an extra, that would be great. I am only expecting for there to be six teams.

Side Event
I plan to read my fairly hard Geo Set in a bee format after the CamO and plan to get small geo themed prizes for participants
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Re: Cambridge Open @ UCF July 7th,2018

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Hello everyone!

We finished the set. Most of the games were either won or lost, and tossups were had by all.

We had a three way tie for first place that we weren't able to break because of time/logistical reasons. Congrats to Jakob Myers's team (With Leo Law, Peter Torres, and Jakob's dad) for winning the tiebreaker. Also winners (to, some level, a lesser extent, Billy) is UF's team with Alex Shaw, Taylor Harvey, Jenethan Settle, and Tracy Mirkin. Also tied is Billy Beyer's team, where he played with Young McKenzie, Brian Clouse, and Alan Kreisel.

Congrats to the leading scorers
Billy (3rd - 71.43 PPG)
Chris Borglum (2nd - 87.14 PPG)
Jakob (1st 110.71 PPG)

Thanks to everyone who came out and played.
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