ACF Fall @ Chicago Results

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ACF Fall @ Chicago Results

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Congratulations to Illinois A (Mike, Kelly, Micah, Tom) for winning the midwestern section of the ACF Fall tournament. Apparently, they came back from a one game deficit to beat Michigan A (Adam, Andy, Dave, Craig) in the finals.

A big thank you to all the people who helped out in running this tournament.

Full results for everything prior to the finals are at the following link. Keep in mind the teams were split into an upper and lower bracket after 7 rounds along the following lines:
Michigan A
Michigan B
Illinois A
Chicago A
Northwestern A
Chicago B
Chicago C

Northwestern B
Illinois B
Chicago D
Michigan C
Chicago E

Results: ... dings.html
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To expand: Illinois A lost the final game of the playoff round robin to Michigan A, after which the two teams advanced to an ACF-style finals in which Michigan was up one game. Illinois won the next game by 10 to stay alive, and then convincingly won the deciding game (something like 500-100) to win the tournament. Congratulations to Mike Sorice and his teammates for a fine performance, and to Adam Kemezis and his teammates for a well-played tournament.

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Just a quick reminder - games have yet to be played in Knoxville. Please refrain from discussing questions until the end of Sunday night.
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haven't been played in boston as well, for what thats worth.
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iirc, Sorice also got into a car accident on the way to the tournament. Saturday must have been an interesting day for him.

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Thanks to Ed Cohn, Andrew Yaphe, Alice Chou, Seth Teitler, Christian "Everyone's Hero" Kammerer. Ramey Ko, Ben Recchie, Leah Williams, and Sudheer Potru for moderating, scorekeeping, stat-wrangling, or otherwise helping out with the tournament.