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Michigan Winter Tournament (MWT) @ Waterloo - January 11th, 2020

Posted: Sat Dec 14, 2019 10:33 pm
by Sigurd
Hello Canada! And Quizbowl Fans from the United States and (Not) Newfoundland!
UWaterloo Quizbowl is pleased to announce that the Canadian site of Michigan's winter tournament will be held at the University of Waterloo on the (hopefully) lovely winter Saturday of January 11th, 2020. MWT is a tournament intended to be between ACF Regionals and ACF Fall difficulty, and will notably feature 22/22 packets. Further information on the set can be found at the main post Here

Location, Format and Schedule
This tournament will start at 8:30AM, with the first question being read no later than 9AM. The games will likely occur in the excellent quizbowl arena known as J.R. Coutts Engineering Lecture Hall (known as RCH) and will be confirmed ASAP. While the actual format will be determined once the field is known, it will almost certainly involve playing a round robin followed by an advantaged final (as needed). We will aim to conclude regular games by 5PM, and any finals by 6:30PM.

The preliminary field cap for this tournament is 11, but that will change depending on the staff (and possibly room) situation.

This will be a closed tournament (defined by ACF Eligibility Rules), but there are no restrictions on eligibility beyond that. The questions should be accessible and interesting to a wide range of teams. Closed High School teams with Quizbowl experience are also allowed.

Fees and Payment
Canadian Teams may give thanks that these prices are in CAD. (American Teams close to the border should take note of this :razz:)
Base Fee: $125
Buzzer Discount: -$10 per working system with 8 working buzzers
Staffer Discount: -$15 per staffer
Distance Discount: -$10 per 320km traveled
With a minimum fee of $60, which will also be the "New to Quizbowl" fee if your team has not played a tournament other than NAQT's Novice or ACF Fall in the past two years.

These fees can be paid on/before the day of the tournament using either Cash, Cheques made out to "University of Waterloo Quizbowl", or Interac e-Transfer. Please contact me before hand if you would like to pay with e-transfer.

Please register by contacting me at [email protected] (or through another medium of communication) regarding how many teams, buzzers and staffers you will be bringing.

Side Events
I don't have any side events planned, but am willing to run some on Saturday evening after the tournaments. If you have any suggestions towards what you would like to see here or what is avaliable, please let me know!

Other Notes
Free parking can be found at Lot X on this map, located off the north side of Columbia Street. Free parking can also be found at the University Colleges located along Westmount avenue (left side of the map). Lunch options will be widely available at the plaza located to the West of Campus, including several quality shawarma shops such as Lazeez, the official Shawarma of Waterloo quizbowl. Staffers will have lunch provided for them, and a communal order of lunch food for teams can be organized if desired.

(Teams, Buzzers, Staffers)
House (2, 1, Many)
McMaster (1/0/1)
McGill (2/2/0)
Columbia G* (1/0/0)
Montcalm (1/0/0)
Toronto (5/2/5)
Final Totals

We look forward to seeing you all there! And Please get in touch or comment below if you have questions!

Re: Michigan Winter Tournament (MWT) @ Waterloo - January 11th, 2020

Posted: Wed Jan 08, 2020 11:49 pm
by Sigurd
With the registration of McMaster today, I am happy to announce we have reached our field cap of 11! We have more rooms so if someone still wants to register, message me and we might be able to work something out.

A full logistics post/email will be made tomorrow, but I am 99% sure we will have an opening meeting at 8:45AM on the second floor of RCH (where all the game rooms will be), the exact location will be made clear then. Additionally, assuming it stays at 11 teams we will play a full round robin followed by an advantaged final, if needed.

Edit: Please also note that the buzzer discount has now been increased to $10 per working set

Re: Michigan Winter Tournament (MWT) @ Waterloo - January 11th, 2020

Posted: Fri Jan 10, 2020 11:28 pm
by Sigurd
In case this hasn't already been shared with you in person, the field is now 12 teams and we will play a full round robin followed by an advantaged final (if necessary). We will have the opening meeting in RCH211 (control) at 8:45AM, and then proceed to play until the round that crosses 1PM when lunch will be taken. I hope to have the main part of the tournament wrapped up by 6PM.

Please see the attached schedule for further information. I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow!

Re: Michigan Winter Tournament (MWT) @ Waterloo - January 11th, 2020

Posted: Sat Jan 11, 2020 11:46 am
by Sigurd
Stats will be updated here whenever possible