Moc Masters 2006 at UTC (8/20)

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Moc Masters 2006 at UTC (8/20)

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As president of UTC's quizbowl team I am posting this on Charlie's behalf.

The UTC Academic Trivia Association will host its 4th annual Moon Pie Classic on Sunday, August 20th, 2006, on the UT-Chattanooga campus. It will be a packet submission tournament, with editing responsibilities to be handled collaboratively by associates of the UTCATA.

ELIGIBILITY: This is an open tournament, which means that any and all who wish to play may participate regardless of current, former, or future collegiate affiliation. Typically such tournaments attract former or current college players, but it should be observed again that all players (including current high school students) are welcome; in fact, teams composed of high school students/class of 06 graduates will receive discounts on fees, which are detailed below.

- In the case of free agents: There is the possiblity that teams might be looking for additional players, so if you would like to attend but do not have a team together, let us know and we will try to match you with teams needing help. Likewise, teams who could use additional support are encouraged to make us aware of that fact as soon as possible.

REGISTRATION REQUIREMENTS: For a variety of reasons (of which some will probably be made obvious directly) it would help us a great deal if we could get an indication on the number of teams who wish to play as soon as possible. Therefore, if this tournament interests you, please drop as line as soon as possible, and keep us informed if for some reason your plans change and you cannot make it.

Note: If your team includes players with disabilities or access issues, it will simplify things if you let us know in advance. That way we can take it into account when scheduling (building changes, etc.)

FEES: As in years past, Moc Masters will be a packet submission tournament. This means that packets are *expected* from teams who plan to attend. You'll note we said "expected", but not required; teams will be given the option of playing without submitting, but there are substantial incentives in place to encourage writing. To whit:

- Undiscounted fee: $120. For this sum you can simply show up and play, and nothing further is required, with one exception: YOU MUST LET US KNOW BY JULY 15th THAT YOU PLAN TO PLAY WITHOUT PACKET. This does not preclude the possibility that you may be allowed to play without writing if you notify us after that date, but you may be penalised for late notification. This seems unusual, but the reason for this new policy is so that we have a firm handle on how many teams will be attending and how many rounds we can expect from them versus how many we will have provide ourselves.

- Packet written to guidelines below, submitted by July15th: $40. You read that correctly: if you can get a packet to us in three weeks which is written to the packet specifications described below, you will receive an EIGHTY DOLLAR discount from the non-packet fee. We figure the best way to ensure a quality, team-composed tournament set is to a) make the reward for writing a packet irresistable, and b) get the packets in plenty of time; this is how we propose to do so.

- Packet written to guidelines below, submitted by July 22: $55
- Packet written to guidelines below, submitted by July 29: $70
- Packet written to guidelines below, submitted by August 5: $85
- Packet written to guidelines below, submitted by August 12: $100

As can be seen, any packet submission whatsoever will automatically be worth a $20 discount from non-submission; packets submitted any time in the next five weeks will result in almost half the entry fee taken off, even before other discounts.

*Note Well* the following, however: to get any of the abovementioned packet discounts, the packets must be usable, which means they must be written to the packet specifications below. Packets which do not do so will be returned with a short explanation of why they cannot be used, and the discount will start from the date at which they are finally submitted in usable form.

- Special Novice Discounts: If your team will consist entirely of high school students or those who have just graduated and thus have no ACF experience, or if no member of your team has any ACF experience, you may play without submitting a packet for $60, provided you alert us by July 15th. This does not mean that you cannot write a packet, however; if you compose a usable packet by July 15th, your entry fee will be waived entirely, and if you can submit one by July 29, you will only pay $20.

- Additional discounts: Teams looking to save even more money can do so by means of taking advantage of an additional discount for composition of high school packets; a set of original high-school level questions will receive an additional $15 reduction from the base fee. Also, $5 will be taken off for a working buzzer system, as well as another $5 for the services of a full-time game volunteer. With all the discounts in effect, it will be more than possible for teams to play at this tournament and pay nothing for the privilege, and we would be just as pleased as punch for this to occur.


- Exclusivity: Obviously, packets should be blind to anyone who might conceivably play at this tournament.

- Degree of Difficulty: Though this tournament styles itself a "Masters" tournament, that designation pertains far more to its open eligibility than to the difficulty of questions we wish to present. In other words, we are looking for questions to be on the easier side rather than the harder, somewhere between ACF Regionals and ACF Fall, and closer to the latter than the former. Writers would be well served to consult these tournaments (Fall sets can be found at this address: ) or tournament sets like Kelly McKenzie's Wildcat tournaments ( ... spring.htm ) for the overall style and level of difficulty desired, and to keep in mind that, if a choice has to be made between a well-written difficult tossup and a well-written easier one, the easier one is to be preferred for this event.

That having been said, the editing for these packets will primarily concern itself with culling of repeats, correcting obvious factual errors, meeting the distribution, and ensuring pyramidality, and will NOT have as its main focus maintaining a level of difficulty. It is incumbent on the writer to make sure that his or her questions will not be too hard or too easy, and complaints on that score will be directed squarely at the writer at this event, as is appropriate. In other words, make sure your questions don’t go overboard, and everything will be fine.


- Please arrange questions separately by category.
- Make sure the words “for ten pointsâ€

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Re: Moc Masters open academic tournament (8/20, not 8/22)

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Thanks to Jacob for handling posting duties on this while I was tying up loose ends from our June tournaments. A couple of additions and minor corrections:

* Just to clarify: the tournament will be held Sun., Aug. ***20***, as correctly stated in the text but not in the heading. And of course the tournament in question is Moc Masters, not Moon Pie Classic.

* As per usual, Moc Masters will be paired with a trash tournament the day before. Muck Masters details will follow shortly. As we did last year, we will also award the coveted Mix Masters eggbeaters and separate All-Star prizes for those with the best results combined for Saturday and Sunday together.

* Because this is the one time we have the academic tournament on a Sunday (and trash on Saturday), please note the starting time: Registration begins at 8:30 AM EDT in Holt 124; tournament play should begin at 9 AM.

* There are two different contact points for this event. Packets should be sent to utcacfediting [at] gmail [dot] com, while registration and other other questions go the the oh-so-familiar steinhic [at] bellsouth [dot] net.

* We are actively seeking freelance packets, and also willing to work out mirror or packet-sharing arrangmements. For the latter, please send your request to both the above e-mail addresses.

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Muck Masters & Moc Masters: field updates, contact info,

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Apologies in advance for the dreaded cross-posting...

As you probably know already, UTC is hosting two open quizbowl tournaments in mid-August -- Muck Masters (trash) on Sat. 8/19 and Moc Masters (academic) 8/20. As of tonight we're expecting nine teams for Muck Masters and eight for Moc Masters. The fields as we have them so far are printed below. But first, these words...

While I will be administering the tournaments that weekend, I am *not* the key contact for packets and other details in the meantime. This is for two reasons: (a) I'm not spearheading the editing teams this time, and (b) after tonight I will be out of town and away from e-mail through Sun. 8/13. So please, PLEASE, if you have packets or registration or just need information, contact:

Muck Masters: muckmasters [at] gmail [dot] com
Moc Masters: utcacfediting [at] gmail [dot] com

Please let us know at the listed addresses if there are any corrections, or if you're interested in late entry, free agent status, etc. If you think of it, cc: me as well, but that's not necessary.

Here are the fields expected for each tournament to date:

MUCK MASTERS (trash tournament Sat. 8/19)
Arlo Lyle / Mike Staley et al.
Cave Spring High School (VA)
Joseph Dion / Seth Kendall / Wally Edmondson / Anthony Bush
Mississippi State
UGA Alums
Jefferson State CC Green (AL)
Jefferson State CC Red (AL)
Fort Payne High School (AL)
Chris Hendry / Al Przygocki / Michael Kearney / Megan Clancy

MOC MASTERS (academic tournament Sun. 8/20)
Jefferson State Red
Jefferson State Green
Fort Payne HS
Mississippi State
Billy Beyer
South Florida
Valencia (Chip Thomas et al.)

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Post by MCDoug »

I'd like to thanks Seth for putting together a good pack of questions and Charlie for helping Seth run a fun tournament.

If memory serves me correctly, the final standings went something like this...
1. Oversized Turkey Legs (Billy Beyer, Travis Vitello, Melissa Munkel, and myself)
2. Ahmad of USF
3. UTC Alums
Maybe someone else can add more?

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again at CotKU.


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Post by barnacles »

Congratulations to Seth for writing such a good set. It was very well-written and had a good difficulty level, and was very enjoyable (my alarm clock aside). I look forward to future tournaments under his editorship.

I'm sure Charlie will be around soon to post the full stats, and I'm sure Matt Weiner is waiting, calculator in hand.

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Congratulations and a comment

Post by SnookerUSF »

I too await with [baited/bated] breath the full-statistical presentation. However, the questions were quite good, with cannonicity and clue selection receiving special kudos. I would as a minor comment offer that the bonus introductions were a bit long, though I think I understand the reasoning behind the extended bonus introduction technique. I would suggest that in many open submission tournaments bonus introductions often go something like this:

Name these [insert century] [insert country/region/language] [insert occupation or title]. FTPE.
Or Stuff about [insert field], FTSNOP

ACF and NAQT to a lesser degree have shifted away from this type of introduction.

Many of these canned intros really offer nothing to orient the listener to what awaits. The introductions as presented at Moc Masters forced one early to start probing potential clues or answers. Moreover, the specificity of the introductions, which usually lead right in to the first answer were often the hardest of three to answer correctly, since the answer space before the clue is given is significantly larger. It was used quite effectively in literature bonuses. Instead of initially stating: Name these works by Slyvia Plath, and then ask for the name of novel, which the knee-jerk response is then offered; the question is framed where one needs to know something about the plot of the Bell Jar to get any points. This structure turns, I think, a relatively easy answer into a significantly more challenging response.

This structure is not unprecented, however the length of the introductions is something which required a bit of adapting. This is perhaps not the forum to discuss this, but I would be interested in what others thought about this.

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Moc Masters 2006: results, stats, gratitude

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Congratulations to Oversized Turkey Legs (Billy Beyer, Melissa
Munkel, Doug Robeson, Travis Vitello), winners of the Moc Masters
open academic tournament at UTC on Sun. 8/20/06. Second place went
to South Florida (Ahmad Ragab playing solo), with UTC Alums (Wally
Edmondson, John Kilby, David Moore) finishing third.

We also recognized the team with the best combined performance
between Moc Masters and the previous day's Muck Masters trash
tournament. The Mix Masters trophies (sets of wire whisks) went to
Jefferson State Red, with Mississippi State taking 2nd.

Thanks go first and foremost to Seth Kendall, making his debut as
editor-in-chief. Seth not only did 97% of the editing, he also
wound up writing at least half the questions -- and somehow managed
to assemble an entire tournament without once using the
word "titular." Thanks also to those who joined Seth and me as
tournament staff: Shannon Edmondson, Rachel Moore, and especially
the versatile Nikki Poarch.

Questions from Moc Masters are available for sale ($10), or for
trade for other recent academic tournaments. Contact me at steinhic
[at] bellsouth [dot] net, or Seth at utcacfediting [at] gmail [dot]


After the round robin, we had a three-way circle of death at the
top, and a three-way circle of life at the bottom:

Team Name Win - Loss Points Opp Pts Diff/GM
Oversized Turkey Legs 5 - 1 1710 580 188.33
UTC Alums 5 - 1 1015 780 39.17
South Florida 5 - 1 1495 575 153.33
UTC (current students) 3 - 3 945 855 15.00
Mississippi State 1 - 5 530 875 -57.50
Jefferson State-Red 1 - 5 370 1220 -141.67
Jefferson State-Green 1 - 5 120 1300 -196.67

UTC alums bowed out of the playoffs due to time constraints, taking
third. In a one-game playoff, Oversized Turkey Legs defeated South
Florida for the championship.

Perhaps not surprisingly, tournament MVP Ahmad Ragab also won the
John Drennen Wiley Rollins Award for Outstanding Achievement in
Buzzer Aggression (most negs.)

Individual stats were:

Player Team 10 -5 Points Rounds PPG
Ahmad Ragab South Florida 61 11 555 6 92.50
David Moore UTC Alums 42 9 375 6 62.50
Jacob Vannucci UTC 27 6 240 5 48.00
Billy Beyer Oversized Turkey Legs 30 9 255 6 42.50
Travis Vitello Oversized Turkey Legs 18 6 150 6 25.00
Harry Nelson MSU 14 2 130 6 21.67
John Kilby UTC Alums 4 0 40 2 20.00
Brandon Hollingsworth Jeff St Red 13 4 110 6 18.33
Doug Robeson Oversized Turkey Legs 12 2 110 6 18.33
Paul Kimbrough MSU 13 8 90 6 15.00
Brandon Sharp Jeff St Red 9 1 85 6 14.17
Eric Fox UTC 9 1 85 6 14.17
Ruth Jackson UTC 8 2 70 6 11.67
Emily Limbaugh Jeff St Red 2 1 15 3 5.00
Melissa Minkil Oversized Turkey Legs 4 2 30 6 5.00
Eric Shulz Jeff St Green 3 1 25 6 4.17
Jennifer Vanderslice Jeff St Red 1 0 10 3 3.33
Tommy Wilcutt Jeff St Green 2 1 15 6 2.50
Wally Edmondson UTC Alums 2 1 15 6 2.50
Matt Kettleman MSU 1 1 5 6 0.83
Brett Turner Jeff St Green 0 0 0 6 0.00
Stacy Heckathorn Jeff St Red 0 1 -5 -1.00
Robin Delawder Jeff St Green 0 2 -10 6 -1.67