Chicago Open Update

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Chicago Open Update

Post by salamanca »

As promised, here is the updated field for CO. So far I have received two packets [from Beyer, Borglum, Kendall, and Platzer and from free agent Ahmad Ragab (which might be a compelling reason to let him join your team)]. Unless I have expressly waived this requirement—and you all know who you are—I expect to see many more packets crowding my inbox in the next two to three weeks. Furthermore, if any of this information is wrong, then let me know.

Also, there may be mirrors on the East and West coasts. Jeff H. is trying to get something together at Berkeley and Casey R. is doing the same at Maryland… so look for their posts soon if this is to happen.

Please note that the following list is only for CO and that Andrew will presumably be posting an update on the field for the pop culture tournament sooner rather than later.

Finally, I urge those folks who want to play either in Chris F.’s two man history tourney and/or Jerry V.’s science tournament to contact them ASAP so they know what the deal is.

The CO field as of June 26—


Arthur, Koo, Teitler

Beyer, Borglum, Kendall, Platzer

Frankel, Mitchell, Nance, Trey

Hentzel, Pike

Meigs, Vinokurov (sp), Westbrook

Sorice, Ullsperger, Weiner

Cohn, Ferrari, Kemezis

Lafer, Rappaport, Turner, Yaphe

Burte, Fuller, Goheen, Rosenberg


Dang, Gerhard, Hartman, Wong

Free Agents
[though they may have already hooked up with squads and not told me]

Eric Douglass

Nathan Freeburg

Ahmad Ragab

Kelly Tourdot

I think that is it. Again, if you have any questions about coming to the tournament email me at [email protected].

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Post by Rothlover »

I believe Kelly had told me she isn't coming, though whoever can feel free to refute that. I, too, am a Free Agent, so hit me up if you need a player. humanstainremover at gmail dot com
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Post by Nathan »

if people are willing to handle the occasional neg...they're more than willing to join my team...
(and certainly Ahmad -- otherwise I should really start a packet tonight)

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Post by SnookerUSF »

I am totally amenable to the occasional neg., even the more than occasional neg.

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Post by Captain Sinico »

So, I've been trying to determine the schedule of things for a week or so now, and I've had no luck. Do we have any idea what the schedule's going to be?

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Post by alkrav112 »

Hi, all. After a short deliberation period, I'm throwing my hat into the ring as a free agent. Let me know if you're interested at [email protected] - or just tell Dave, Will, or Adam...

See y'all in Chicago.

- Andy Kravis
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Post by grapesmoker »

Hey, if you plan to play in Science Monstrosity, you'd better send me your packet within the next couple of weeks. I want to avoid the last-minute editing scenario (again). Remember, the format is 20 tossups, distributed according to the announcement in
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Post by Birdofredum Sawin »

ImmaculateDeception wrote:Hey,
So, I've been trying to determine the schedule of things for a week or so now, and I've had no luck. Do we have any idea what the schedule's going to be?

I don't know about everything else, but I can tell you that the Keller trash tournament will start on Sunday morning and finish at some point Sunday afternoon.

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Post by yoda4554 »

Dan Klein and I are planning on playing, possibly with a friend of ours, and we'd like to grab someone else interested in getting pummeled by the assorted all-star teams all day (or so confident in their abilities, particularly in things like history and social science, that they won't mind only getting supported by the occasional bio. and lit. tossups from us). And obviously let us know soon so we can work packet logistics.

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Locking this thread so you can post and followup at the "New Chicago Open thread."
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