Announcement: Sword Bowl Mirror at OU (1 / 27 / 2007)

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Announcement: Sword Bowl Mirror at OU (1 / 27 / 2007)

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The University of Oklahoma Academic Team will be hosting a mirror of Sword Bowl on Saturday, January 27 on the University of Oklahoma main campus in Norman. There will be Div. II and Div. I categories, although Div. I teams will max out at 2 people per team and Div. II will top at 4 people per teams as usual. However, we will not be splitting the brackets, so Div. I and II teams will compete against one another. Div I teams will simply be limited in size.

Sword Bowl Fee Structure:

Base Fee: $80 for Div. II 4-person teams and $20 for Div. I 2-person teams
Additional Team Discount: $5 per team (to be applied only once per additional team)
Buzzer Discount: $5 per working system
Travel Discount: $5 for every 75 miles (one-way mileage, as determined by Mapquest)
Minimum Fee: $60 per 4-person team and $20 per 2 person team

If you would like to register or if you have any questions, please contact me at nyktophoros [at] yahoo [dot] com. Registration will be open until Wednesday, January 24th, 2007.

Emily Duda
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What are the rules to participate? How many teams/schools usually participate?
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Yesterday, we held a mirror of UTC's Sword Bowl here in Norman. The full stats can be found here: ... dings.html.

For those interested in the short overview, Texas B defeated Texas A to take the championship. A freshmen squad from Oklahoma took third and Rolla A finished fourth. The tournament's top 5 scorers were Eric Kwartler of Texas A, Vik Vaz of Texas B, Max Tohline of Rolla A, Matt Nance of Texas B, and Matt Chadborne of Rolla B. Congratulations to the teams and individuals.

We would also like to thank all of those who contributed to the tournament, namely the teams who made the trek to Norman, the packet writers, Charlie Steinhice for his diligence and late nights working with the packets that were submitted to him, and our readers/scorekeeprs.

Jeremy Hixson