March tournaments

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March tournaments

Post by grapesmoker »

I've noticed that the novice sites were not particularly well-attended, and this seems to have a lot to do with the fact that many schools are on spring recess around this time. I'm wondering if it's worthwhile, particularly with national tournaments looming on the horizon, to host tournaments in March. In my experience, attendance at such events declines appreciably from the norm. On the other hand, after nationals, how many teams would be interested in playing a tournament that would not immediately prepare them for anything? I would be interested in hearing other people's thoughts.
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I'd personally be interested in some more mid-late May tournaments. Most internships and summer classes typically don't begin until after Memorial Day, so there maybe something of a two week period where I imagine a lot of people don't have much work to do. Of course, most people are home from college at this point, which can make getting to tournaments difficult for people who don't live near their university... leading to some of the same problems as people being on break in March.

In summary, I'd be interested in playing post-nationals tournaments that don't conflict with finals.
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Well, I had about 8 different teams tell me they wished they could come but were on break. However, it certainly was "worth it" to host the tournament since we made enough money to cover our travel expenses to ICT 2007: Middle of Nowhere. I've hosted things in March before and had similar problems, but it seems like all the dates between the last week of January (when all winter breaks are over) and the first week of March (when the earliest spring breaks start) are taken by the biggest invitationals of the year and the various sectional/regional tournaments; this is, of course, by design, and should not be changed, as it's better for schools to have to miss some invitationals than to have to miss Sectionals, Regionals, or Penn Bowl.

Tournaments hosted in May would probably lose some teams to post-nationals disinterest and exams, but like the tournaments that have to deal with spring break, they are certainly better than nothing if you can get the 6+ teams needed to make the event viable.
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Post by theMoMA »

Minnesota was on break and still managed to send a team and a moderator to Illinois.
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Post by ecks »

WashU's annual Gateway tournament is on March 24th this year, although I don't know how many teams they've got signed up other than the teams Truman is sending, so I don't know how successful it will be... and they usually have it in the fall anyway, so it's probably not the best case study.

Carleton also had their tournament on the 3rd, and Truman definitely would have gone had it not been for our freakishly early spring break - we've seen a lot of Carleton this year and they're a pretty cool club in my book.

As for tournaments after nationals - I suspect that attendence would have a lot to do with team/player budgets, as a lot of people tend to low run on funds before they get to their coffer-stuffing summer employments.

Edit: it appears as though only 6-7 teams are currently going to Gateway this year... hm...
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Post by orangecrayon »

Speaking specifically about Gateway, I think part of the reason the field is so small is because it falls during Spring Break for the public Oklahoma schools. OSU's only taking one team (at best) and I'd be surprised if OU goes. Normally those two schools combine for 4-6 teams at GIT.

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