Interest in literature singles alongside the Chicago Open?

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Interest in literature singles alongside the Chicago Open?

Post by magin »

I asked this in the other CO thread, but I figured I should ask again now that the CO tournament is officially announced. Please post here if you want to play in a literature singles tournament the weekend of the Chicago Open. Roughly, the distribution is 100 American, 100 British, 100 European, and around 100 World/Mixed (criticism, nonfiction, genre, misc.).

Also, I'm considering having powers, since I think that powers are much better suited towards ACF-style questions than NAQT-style ones. If there is any sentiment for or against powers, it would be good to hear that also.

Finally, although there's currently five people writing the questions, if anyone wants to help write some as well we would of course appreciate it (email me at jmagin at umd dot edu if you're interested in helping to write for it).

- Jonathan

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Mr. Kwalter
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Uh huh, I'll play your games. Powers would be fine. If you're willin' to spill, who else is on board? Just curious.
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Post by Rothlover »

Yes to lit singles. Yes to history, yes to whatever people want to throw in. make CO 4 days long if need be. If there are events and people want to play 3000 q's in a weekend, hell yes!
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Post by DumbJaques »


pr, I vote for powers, they are fun and fill me with a sense of worth.
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Post by magin »

Right now, besides me, Dennis Jang, Ahmad Ragab, Dave Letzler, and Phil Durkos are the current writers.
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Post by grapesmoker »

I'm in. Voting for powers.
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I'll be there, ready to bring up the rear of the standings.
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Post by MLafer »

i want to
play in a literature singles tournament the weekend of the Chicago Open.
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Area quizbowler enjoys quizbowl, powers.

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Post by suds1000 »

I'm there. However, I'm busy on Friday night, so Saturday night would be preferable.

And my vote is for powers, of course. Incidentally, I once heard a rumor about a tossup on "powers" that had me as a clue...was this an exaggeration, or does someone actually have this question lying around? Thanks.
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Post by yoda4554 »

If you can get a copy of the last CO Trash tournament, I think the "powers" tossup came up around Round 7 or 8, using the poem constructed for you based on "This Is Just To Say" from the ACF website as one of its final clues. I recall being befuddled for most of it and knee-jerk negging, based on that clue, with "plums," and then hanging my head in shame.
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Daniel Kahneman recently wrote an article about this phenomenon which discussed its optimization in light of the so-called “Los Angeles explosionâ€