May Avatars

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May Avatars

Post by AKKOLADE »

Suggest ideas for May's avatars.

One stolen from Doc Chuck: Graduation Presents for Quiz Bowlers
My idea: Terrible moments in movie history

If my idea is selected - and my ideas never seem to be selected - I will make my avatar be David Bowie's crotch from the film Labyrinth. This will probably be shut down by someone with taste though.
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Bigfoot isn't the pr
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I vote graduation presents
Rob Poirier
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Post by BuzzerZen »

Is it graduation presents for specific quiz bowlers? because if it is, I vote that, and I will finally make an avatar again. Otherwise, meh.
Evan Silberman
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Mr. Kwalter
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I'd be down with that, I want to know how many "a cockpunch from Leah"s I'll get for graduation...