TRASH recruiting: the details

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TRASH recruiting: the details

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TRASH is looking for several new members.

Here's what you'd be doing:

The primary responsibility of TRASH members is producing the question sets for TRASH regionals and TRASHionals; each writer is expected to produce about 4 packets worth of material over the course of a year. TRASH members are also expected to assist at nearby TRASH regionals, and at TRASHionals. In addition, members with expertise in a particular topic area may be called on to edit questions in that area from the rest of the group.

The main skill we're looking for is the ability to write questions. As a result, we ask all applicants to submit a packet's worth of trash questions (20 tossups and 20 bonuses) that they have written in the past. Editing skills are also useful, so if you've done a lot of question editing, let us know.

We're also interested in people with proven administrative skill and ability to deal with some of the difficult personalities who inhabit the quizbowl world, so having run successful tournaments or started a quizbowl club are also things we'll take into account.

Finally, we want people who are enthusiastic about pop culture trivia. TRASH is a labor of love, and while we do charge fees to help recoup some of our expenses, we're focused on producing quality, entertaining tournaments, not making money.

If you're interested, get in contact with me, Fred Bush; I can be reached at fbsh at mail dot rochester dot edu. Send me an email outlining why you'd like to join us, and your background with quizbowl and trash tourneys in particular.

Include a writing sample of 20 trash tossups and 20 trash bonuses written by you for past tournaments. Put it in the body of your email message. This is a writing sample, not a packet for use in a tourney, so the questions don't need to follow any particular distribution, although we will be looking for some breadth of topic area. If the questions were intended to be particularly easy (high school or junior bird level) or particularly fiendish, it would be good to let us know.

I'm going to be traveling tomorrow, but I will respond by Monday to anyone who's applied by this weekend, and I'll confirm receipt of later applications within a day or two.

We're going to keep the application process open until the 15th of May, and then we'll start making decisions on the applicants we have.

If you have questions, you can email me at the address above, and I'm also frequently available on yahoo! chat with the username creed_of_hubris.