Every Rose Has Its Thorns

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Every Rose Has Its Thorns

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Eric Kwartler
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...based on the true story of Callie Fogler

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Ouch, megaburn.

Anyway, that's like the opposite of this video:


(for some reason you can't say "masturbate," "venereal," or "dildo" in the clean versions of songs...who knew?)

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Movie Tagline for Teeth wrote:There is something wrong with Dawn O'Keefe

Sidenote: does anyone know a good way to clean vomit from between the keys of a computer keyboard?

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Tegan wrote:does anyone know a good way to clean vomit from between the keys of a computer keyboard?
Try holding it above your head and turning it upside down.

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You know, I'd never heard of the 'vagina dentata' myth until now.
And I was a better, more well-adjusted person prior to viewing this trailer, I'm certain of it. :sad:
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