Wanted: ACFN Coauthor

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Wanted: ACFN Coauthor

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AFAIK, I'm not gonna make it to ACF Nationals, but I have decided in my infinite stupidity that the best way to occupy my copious free time this March would be to write a freelance packet. Is anyone out there interested in collaborating on such an endeavour?

My most preferred packet breakdown would be: I write 5/5 Science, 3/3 RMP, 2/2 Soc Sci, 1/1 Geo, 1/1 Music, and 1/0 Trash; you write 5/5 Lit, 5/5 History, 2/2 Fine Arts, and 0/1 Trash or CE. A smidgen of History, Soc Sci, MP, and Geography are negotiable.

Thanks for anyone's interest who wants to participate.
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Re: Wanted: ACFN Coauthor

Post by yoda4554 »

If you've gotten no bites on this yet, I may as well offer my hand, since that looks like a pretty nice distribution for my interests. Email me at dletzler [at] temple dot edu and we'll work things out.
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