TTGT 11 mirror at UCI on Oct 11th

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TTGT 11 mirror at UCI on Oct 11th

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Hello all,

UCI is proud to announce its third annual mirror of Iowa's TTGT 11 tournament. Anything quoted here is from Paul Drube's initial tournament announcement and is provided FYI.

Time and Location:
Saturday, Oct. 11th at UCI -- specific times and locations TBA later. To register your team, please email me at [email protected].


UCI will use a slightly different format than Iowa. Teams and matches are the same as Iowa, however, UCI will use a match point scoring system (same as previous years) that awards match points for scoring differential. If you have questions, please see an explanation of how it works here. If you still have questions, please email me at [email protected].

To keep matches moving, UCI's mirror may have timed matches. This will be decided later, but will assuredly be announced before the tournament.


Packet requirements are noted below. Basically, you can submit either theme or subject packets. If you want to submit a packet for a discount at the Irvine mirror, please notify me by September 1st (your packet can, of course, be submitted later); earlier notification is preferred as it will help the UCI club plan its packets. To submit your packet for the Irvine mirror, please email it to [email protected].

Theme Packets:
A theme packet is any packet with a distribution of questions from various fields of interest whose questions/answers all have something in common. Any team/freelance that would like to submit a theme packet for TTGT11 should follow the following loose distribution (for a total of 21/21):

4-5/4-5 Science
4-5/4-5 History
4-5/4-5 Literature
4-5/4-5 Misc. Academic
3/3 Trash/Current Events

Subject Packets:
A subject packet is any packet containing all questions on a single subject, like "Art History", "European Literature", or "College Football". Subject packets are free to include the occasional reference to outside areas, although all answers and majority of clues in each question should fit the subject. Make your subject as narrow or as broad as you like ("US History" and "19th Century American Social History" are both, on principal, acceptable). Just ensure that your subject is accessible enough so that the packet fullfils difficulty requirements.

Due to the unusual format, difficulty is bound to vary somewhat between packets. No packet should be significantly more difficult than ACF/TRASH Regionals level. Target difficulty should be somewhere between Fall and Regionals level.

Question Format:
Tossups should be 4-6 lines long in 10 pt Times New Roman with 1" margins. We plan to use power tossups, so be sure to include appropriate power marks. As for bonuses, three part 10-10-10 are preferred although other formats are encouraged in moderation. Please try not to include more than one 30-20-10 bonus per packet, while list bonuses and bonuses with more than 4 parts should be completely avoided.

Base Fee: $200 per eight-player team

One Packet: -$20 by September 29th, -$40 by September 15th
Two Packets: -$40 by September 29th, -$80 by September 15th
Working Buzzers: -$10 per buzzer system (max two per team)
Additional Teams: -$30 for each team after the first
Travel Discount: $0.10 a mile for every mile over 100 (as determined by Yahoo Maps)

Minimum Fee: $80 per eight-player team
Please note that we will cap the travel discount at $30/team.

If you have any questions, please contact me via email. Otherwise we look forward to seeing you in October!
Ray Anderson
Currently part of College Bowl Club at UCI
Formerly a member of the University of Minnesota team