TRASHionals Location

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TRASHionals Location

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Good morning,

TRASHionals XII: The Dirrty Dozen will be held on the weekend of April 17-19 at the University of Pennsylvania. Bids will be announced shortly.

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Re: TRASHionals Location

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Sweet. Tony Luke's meetup possible?
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Re: TRASHionals Location

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I was wondering what your format will be, specifically, if it will require Sunday rounds, Friday rounds, or maybe both.

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Re: TRASHionals Location

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The current plan, as has been the case with TRASHionals as long as I can recall, is for rounds to begin on Saturday morning and have everything wrapped up no later than 2:00 Sunday afternoon. No TRASHionals I can recall, and I've been to nearly all of them, either as a player or as staff, has ever failed to end at or before that time.

Unless we see a huge groundswell for some other type of schedule, that's what we'll be going with. We're going to try to have some sort of prelinary Friday evening social event, but it will be completely optional.

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