ATTN: girls who are going to CO

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Sen. Estes Kefauver (D-TN)
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ATTN: girls who are going to CO

Post by Sen. Estes Kefauver (D-TN) »

I am teaming up with a girl who is a high schooler for CO, and I have been talking to her parents, and we wanted to know what other girls might be attending CO, and if any of them would be willing to room with my teammate. Post here if you are one of these people.
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Re: ATTN: girls who are going to CO

Post by Auks Ran Ova »

I don't ask much, but please be serious in this thread.
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Re: ATTN: girls who are going to CO

Post by Margo »

She can stay in my apartment.
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Re: ATTN: girls who are going to CO

Post by sds »

I guess I should actually post here and say I've been emailing with Sabrina about hotels. Anyone else want in?
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Re: ATTN: girls who are going to CO

Post by Nicklausse/Muse »

I'm in, Surya, still assuming that I manage to find a team.
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