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The moderating queue, editing posts, and you: A PSA

Posted: Thu Mar 23, 2017 1:56 am
by Auks Ran Ova
Hey kids,

I've noticed a couple different people having issues with tournament announcement threads disappearing lately, so I figured I'd make an announcement/guide to prevent this from happening.

If you have seven or fewer posts on the forums, your posts still have to go through the moderating queue (i.e., be approved by a moderator before they show up to the public). Any time you edit one of your posts while your account is still in that range, it disappears from the live forums back into the queue. Unfortunately, if your post is the first in a thread, this means the whole thread disappears until a moderator reapproves the post. This usually becomes an issue with tournament announcement threads that are being edited to update a field list.

How do I avoid this without making (8-n) pointless posts, you're surely asking? You could have a colleague with more than seven posts on their account post the thread, or you could simply make the second post in the thread immediately after posting the announcement, reserving it for field updates. That way, only that post will need to be reapproved, and the thread won't mysteriously disappear.

Please contact a board staffer if you have any more questions. Thanks!