December 2018 board staff changes

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December 2018 board staff changes

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Hello, friends. I'm proud to announce the following changes to the board staff, effective today!

Sarah Angelo and Dylan Minarik have been promoted to administrator.

Alex Damisch, Halle Friedman, and Olivia Lamberti have joined the staff as moderators.

Max Schindler and Tanay Kothari have resigned; we thank them for all their excellent work.

This means that the current board staff is as follows:

Chief Administrator: Rob Carson

Administrators: Sarah Angelo, Susan Ferrari, Andrew Hart, Jeff Hoppes, Jasper Lee, Dylan Minarik, Chris Ray

Moderators: Alex Damisch, Halle Friedman, Will Holub-Moorman, Daniel Hothem, Olivia Lamberti, Aidan Mehigan, Jon Pinyan, Joelle Smart

Sysadmin: Dan Goff

Thanks, everyone. Semper posts.

edit: what is a year, really, but an arbitrary human construct
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