Welcome to the Community Discussion Forum

A place to discuss topics affecting quizbowlers as a community rather than quizbowl as a game.
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Welcome to the Community Discussion Forum

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Hello, everyone! This forum is a project I have wanted to undertake for some time, and now that I’m a Friendly Neighborhood Administrator, the time is now.

This forum is intended to replace the Women in Quizbowl subforum and to be a place where all of the issues affecting who we are as a community and how we relate to one another can be discussed. Many of these will be serious discussions, but being deeply serious in nature is not required.

Unlike the old subforum, this forum will not require posts to be approved before they are visible (unless it’s one of your first seven posts, as usual). The boards are not the Wild West of quizbowl any longer, and I strongly believe that it is not necessary to interrupt the flow of discussion by keeping posts approval-locked. With that said, given the often heated nature of these sorts of discussions, do expect me and other staffers to be keeping a close eye on this forum to ensure that it remains a healthy posting environment.

Users browsing this forum should be advised that there will likely be discussion of sensitive content. Content warnings in thread titles and/or individual posts are encouraged for the safety and comfort of our users, and I’ll do my best to add them if I find instances where they may be needed but missing.

Younger users are welcome in this forum but should note that it is located in the College section, and there may be adult language in addition to sensitive topics.

Welcome, friends, and happy posting!
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