Quiz Bowl Tournament Cost

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Quiz Bowl Tournament Cost

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I'm doing a project for my calculus class at school and I was wondering what some of the normal costs are for quiz bowl tournaments. More than one example would be helpful. Thank You.

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Re: Quiz Bowl Tournament Cost

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Welcome to the forums! Take a look around the tournament announcements section to get a sense of what typical fees and discount structures are like.
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Re: Quiz Bowl Tournament Cost

Post by Eddie »

From my experience, fees have been around $70 to $80 for the each team with a $10 discount for each additional team, though novice tournaments are generally cheaper at $50 to $60 per team. Buzzers and moderators generally give a $5 to $10 discount, and distance discounts range from $5 for every fifty miles travelled to one hundred and fifty miles.

However, my numbers may contain bias because I'm in Southern California, and other parts of the nation may have varying fees.
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Re: Quiz Bowl Tournament Cost

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Here is the fee structure that Oakville used at a recent novice tournament:

First team from a school: $50
Every subsequent team from a school: $45
Buzzer Discount: $5 per system
Staffer Discount: $10 per staffer
Minimum Fee: $20 per team

ADDITION: Oakville is in St. Louis, MO.
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