Transportation/Budget issues (new coach)

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Transportation/Budget issues (new coach)

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New coach of a somewhat-established team. There was an *incident* about a month ago in another city here in Texas involving a teacher and a student in the teacher's car. Now there's a moratorium in our district on any unofficial transportation of students, even with signed release forms. My team is lucky in that the rest of our district matches are home games, but I was hoping to expand our season to include some tournaments as well. We're an urban Title I school, and none of the players' parents are available to drive the kids to matches/tournaments off-campus.

Unfortunately, the district coordinator has not been forthcoming with options, and I'd like to have some possible solutions in hand before I present my problem to our school administration.

Has anyone else run up against a similar issue? Are there any options besides hiring/reserving a bus? Would having both male and female sponsors/chaperones mitigate some of the risk/liability?
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