Guidelines for announcing scrimmages on exposed questions

All announcements for open practices, online or in-person scrimmages, the playing of online packets, and online or in-person playtesting goes in this forum. (Official Skype/Discord tournaments should still be announced in the relevant tournament announcement forums.)
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Guidelines for announcing scrimmages on exposed questions

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This thread announcing an NHBB-style "Discord tournament" got the board staff thinking about the fact that players might want to organize scrimmages that use a mix of already-used questions, perhaps with minor alterations. Although no events of this kind should be announced as "tournaments," the board staff has decided to set forth some guidelines for scrimmaging on old questions, whether online or in person, in the event that someone organizing such a scrimmage might want to announce it on the forums.

You must follow these rules to announce a scrimmage in this subforum:

* Create an announcement thread with the pertinent details of your scrimmage. Indicate in the thread title whether the scrimmage is restricted to i.e. high schoolers or college players.

* If you're announcing a scrimmage on questions that have already been publicly released, you must state in your thread that the questions are exposed.

* You don't have to say which sets you're using until after the scrimmage has occurred, but you should include this information in the announcement thread after the event and credit the original sets for the material.

* You must use only questions that do not have restrictions on their use. (For instance, NAQT questions have licensing restrictions.) The board staff won't tolerate the misuse of other people's work for the purpose of scrimmaging, so please make sure that you're using cleared questions that have been released for practice use. If you have any doubt about whether the set authors would approve of your use, you should get their express permission before using their questions.

* Scrimmages may not charge any form of entry fee or make money in any way off of using spoiled questions.

* If you used publicly available questions, you may post a link to the questions used in your scrimmage in the announcement thread, but you may not submit it to a packet archive. Any scrimmage packet documents should contain clear attributions of the original sets from which any questions were taken, even if those questions were compiled together or edited in some way.
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