My CAHOOTS Packet (from 2014)

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My CAHOOTS Packet (from 2014)

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While sifting through some old files on my computer, I found my packet I wrote in 2014 for CAHOOTS (a guerrilla tournament of various packets played at Carleton) that as far as I can tell, was never posted anywhere. I read it at CAHOOTS and in the IRC, so certainly people have heard it, but AFAIK, if you weren't in the IRC then or at Carleton, you haven't heard it. It's 50 (!) tossups of stuff in the vein I was writing a lot of at the time (mostly trash, but some, some loose academic stuff). Some of the questions have become nigh-impossible because they are dated.

I'll see if there's interest in people hearing this tonight or tomorrow (probably around 9:00 eastern time zone).
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