FILMRIEL - A hard visual film packet

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FILMRIEL - A hard visual film packet

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Hi everyone. The third packet in my FILMRIEL series is just about done and I'll be reading it in the main quizbowl discord on Thursday, June 17 at 7 PM ET.

FILMRIEL is a series of vanity visual film packets I've been writing sporadically over the past few months. The first two packets were also played in the main quizbowl discord shortly after they were written, although I never got around to posting about them on the forums. As they are pure vanity content, the packets vary wildly in difficulty and have no distribution. They do, however, tend to be mostly very difficult, and I do attempt to have a somewhat diverse array of content in each packet. You can check out the previous packets here.

After the reading, the packet will be added to the above link, which is also on the archives. If and when I write another of these I'll add a post to this thread indicating when and where I plan to read it. Hope to see you on Thursday!
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