2011 Dorman Cav Challenge mirror info

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2011 Dorman Cav Challenge mirror info

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For the first time, Dorman's Cav Challenge will be offered for mirroring. This year, it is a 21/21 set of 12 packets written by members of the current Dorman team and edited by myself. The questions were designed to be novice prelims with advancing difficulty, culminating in an above-average difficulty final rounds. The distribution is as follows:

1/1 Biology
1/1 Chemistry
1/1 Physics
1/1 Other science (including Astronomy, Earth Science, Computer Science, and math theory)
0/1 Computational math
1/1 USA History
1/1 European History
1/1 World History
1/1 Ancient History OR another of the above 3
1/1 American Literature
1/1 British Literature
1/1 Non-British European Literature
1/1 World Literature
1/1 Religion
1/1 Mythology
1/1 Philosophy
1/1 Painting
1/1 Classical Music Non-Opera
1/1 Other Fine Arts (including sculpture, opera, etc.)
1/1 Social science (Including Economics, Psychology, Linguistics, Anthropology, etc.)
1/1 Geography
1/0 Trash/general knowledge

We are asking for $12 per team. If you have any interested in mirroring or have questions, please contact either myself ([email protected]) or Eric Huff.

Current Mirrors (and home tournament):
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