Middle School National Rankings Updated

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Middle School National Rankings Updated

Post by Jcrmoon42 »

I have finally found time to update these through all matches currently reported at NAQT and HSQuizbowl. You can see our current Top 100 on this page. We have used a combination of PPB adjusted for question set difficulty. For tournaments in which PPB were not used or three-part bonuses were not used, we looked at PPG, adjusted for field and converted that into a PPB number. At some point, I will lay out all of those calculations for debate and consideration, but there is a lot to lay out. I look forward to hearing ways we can improve the system.

Reminder also that the US Academic Bee and Bowl Nationals are coming up in Atlanta on June 3 and 4, in conjunction with the Middle and Elementary History Bee on June 1 and 2. If you are interested in staffing and/or bringing a team to USABB, please contact me for details.

A couple of things in these rankings that I would love to improve but don't have data for at the moment include records for the Middle School teams that play in High School tournaments and non-NAQT tournament results that haven't been posted to HSQB. I want to do some basic Major League Equivalency studies on Middle Schoolers playing in High School tournaments, as so many good teams do.

Honorable mention to the following teams that have fewer than 10 games played in my data but would have been in the top 50 based on their scores:
Black Mountain, CA - 23.42
Manheim Township, PA - 23.09
Inman, GA - 22.66
Francis Parker, CA - 21.86
Autray Mill, GA - 21.82
Jason Russell
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Re: Middle School National Rankings Updated

Post by PavanV »

While I realize this is just based on reported stats, there is an error which I spotted. Meyzeek B was a team that went 2-6 first day at MSNCT (ranked 46), and is ranked higher than Meyzeek A (ranked 64) that went 6-2 first day, a T-13 finisher.

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