25th Anniversary ACE QUIZBOWL Camps - Middle Schoolers Welcome!

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25th Anniversary ACE QUIZBOWL Camps - Middle Schoolers Welcome!

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We have updated our website for the 25th Anniversary of ACE QUIZBOWL Camps! Registration is now open!


As you will see from the front page, we are inviting all quizbowl coaches nationwide to attend for free!

With the rise of middle school academic competition, as the largest and fastest growing segment of the activity, ACE QUIZBOWL is putting an extra focus on growing and organizing the community. We know that every middle school quizbowl coach knows other educators, perhaps at other schools, who should be quizbowl coaches - we urge you to invite them!

Not only do we have many middle school campers as young as 6th grade who come back year after year, but we cluster our activities by ability and commission custom middle school-level content for practice and tournament sessions - so that all campers have a healthy and engaging competition experience. In addition, the 25th Anniversary ACE QUIZBOWL Camps will take a peek at the future of the game, and what the next 25 years has in store - we want these coaches to see firsthand. Contact us at [email protected] for more specific details!
Nick Clusserath

Dorman / Clemson / Rutgers

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