CERES [MS set available for the 2021-22 season]

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CERES [MS set available for the 2021-22 season]

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This is an announcement for CERES (Collective Early Release Entry-level Set), a middle school / novice high school tournament set to be available for mirrors starting September 2021 through the end of the 2021-22 school year. The set is head-edited by me, Conor Thompson, with several deputy editors, and written by a large staff of current middle and high school students (see below). The set includes twelve packets of 20/20 tossups/bonuses, plus an additional packet of replacements. Tossups are powermarked, and bonuses follow the standard 10-points-each, three-parts-of-varying-difficulty standard.

Difficulty and length
The set is intended to be suitable for both middle school and novice high school audiences. As such, care is being taken to ensure that both tossup answerlines and bonus parts are accessible to brand-new quizbowl players. Tossups will be capped at 425 characters; this is the maximum length of an NAQT IS set. Bonuses will not have a hard character cap, but bonus parts exceeding two lines will be rare if not nonexistent.

The distribution will be as follows:
5/5 Science (including 1/1 non-computational math; there will be zero computational math)
4/4 History
3/3 Literature
1.5/1.5 Geography
1.5/1.5 General Knowledge / Other Academic (including “mixed impure academic”)
1/1 Fine Arts
1/1 Religion
1/1 Mythology
1/1 Popular Culture and Sports
1/1 Philosophy, Social Science, Civics/Government, and Current Events

Writers and editors
The following categories will have deputy editors:
Science: Bo Chi, Jeff Xie, Aatreyo Bhattacharyya
History: Rohan Kher, Jacob Hardin-Bernhardt, Lukas Koutsoukos
Literature and Fine Arts: Rohan Ganeshan
Mythology: Jacob Hardin-Bernhardt
Geography: Lukas Koutsoukos

The set will be written by the editors and the following writers: Eamin Ahmed, Nikhil Arjunan, Tanay Bodducherla, Simon Emmanuel, Shivani Ganeshan, Andrew Gao, Cindy Gao, Soren Gjesfjeld, Kaushik Gollamudi, Deven Hagen, Avery Heinonen, Charles Heydt, Rahul Jogadhenu, Matthew Kohn, Geetan Madala, Arnav Mahendra, Vignesh Manjrekar, Neev Sahgal, George Tagtmeier, and Charles Young.

The mirror fee for CERES is $12 per team, including house teams. This is the same for both middle school and high school mirrors. If you have specific financial circumstances (such as outreach to low-income schools) and would like to negotiate an exception to this fee, you are invited to contact me.

If you are planning on using the set for a non-standard format (for example, by having more than two teams play per match, or reading only the first two parts of bonuses, or by introducing housewritten lightning rounds or worksheets), you must clear this with me in advance of receiving the set.

If you would like to use CERES for your tournament, or you have any other questions about the set, please contact me at [email protected]. We are open to having this set used by both traditional one-day tournaments and by leagues or conferences in need of a set. We also expect that the set will be available for in-person tournaments, barring unexpected developments in the public health situation.

This section will be updated with mirrors.
Conor Thompson (he/him)
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Re: CERES [MS set available for the 2021-22 season]

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I sent you an email asking about hosting a mirror on November 6th.

Matt Hasquin
Scholastic Bowl Coach - Southwestern High School - Piasa, Illinois
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