Pennsylvania NASAT Tryouts

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Pennsylvania NASAT Tryouts

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The Pennsylvania State NASAT Selection Committee is pleased to announce tryouts to represent Pennsylvania at this year’s NASAT, to be held at Ohio State on June 20th and 21st.

The timeline for team selection will be as follows:
March 14th: Deadline to apply/sign up to try out.
March 14th – April 20th: Tryouts will occur over Discord.
April 25th, or a few days after final tryouts: Teams and Coach will be announced. Teams may be announced earlier if tryouts end earlier.

The committee consists of Ryan Bilger (West Virginia), Jamie Faeder (Allderdice), Ben Herman (Penn State), Ashish Kumbhardare (Penn State), Alex Sankaran (West Chester), and Will Yaeger (Emeritus). We will be using the LIT question set for tryouts.

The committee has set forth the following qualification criteria, similar to the criteria used 2 years ago, to select members that will be guaranteed a tryout:
Each player must have been to 2 non-league Quizbowl Tournaments this year and meet one of the following criteria:
1) Scored 10 PPG on a team that either went 5-5 at HSNCT or placed in the top 48 at PACE NSC
2) Had an average individual PPG in the top 10 of a regular difficulty tournament or harder OR top 5 of an A-Set difficulty tournament or harder (Morning Only)
3) Accounted for 20% of a team's PPG for a team that had at least 18 PPB on an IS Set or 22 PPB on an A Set (Morning + Afternoon)
4) Scored a minimum of 65 PPG for a team that had 15 PPB on a regular difficulty tournament OR 19 PPB on an A Set difficulty tournament (Morning + Afternoon)

Players who don't meet these requirements may apply for a wild card bid to try out. The following 60 players from across the state have made the criteria, and will be guaranteed a try out upon submitting an application:

1. Truman Jury (Allderdice)
2. Michal Hajlasz (Allderdice)
3. Sam Zlotnikov (Allderdice)
4. Simon Goldin (Allderdice)
5. Ryan Elkins (Archbishop Ryan)
6. Jack Kendron (Berwick)
7. Adam Kanterman (Delaware Valley)
8. Darius Bermudez (Delaware Valley)
9. J. D. Flick (Delaware Valley)
10. Lucas Helms (Delaware Valley)
11. Aidan Pulliam (Friends Select)
12. Akhilesh Khambekar (Friends Select)
13. Hannah Dub (Friends Select)
14. Jonah Taranta (Friends Select)
15. Matt D'Annunzio (Friends Select)
16. Minas Macos (Friends Select)
17. Silas Mohr (Friends Select)
18. Lucas Schlesinger (Germantown Friends)
19. Akash Narayan (Great Valley)
20. Alan Xu (Great Valley)
21. Anish Kodali (Great Valley)
22. Anshu Nunemunthala (Great Valley)
23. John Li (Great Valley)
24. Noah Harrigan (Great Valley)
25. Nolan Greenways (Great Valley)
26. Prithvi Parthasarathy (Great Valley)
27. Rahul Narayanan (Great Valley)
28. Rishi Raman (Great Valley)
29. Shrey Pandya (Great Valley)
30. Tad Swanson (Hampton)
31. Carsten Brodbeck (Hempfield)
32. Vijay Anne (Henderson)
33. Vikram Chodapaneedi (Henderson)
34. Vivek Inumella (Henderson)
35. Andrew Buonaccorsi (Huntingdon)
36. Elizabeth Speck (Huntingdon)
37. Eddie Fuhrer (Kiski)
38. David Campbell (Lakeland)
39. AZ Faiz (Manheim Township)
40. Cyril Hainthaler (Manheim Township)
41. Will Steger (Manheim Township)
42. Alex Adams (Moravian)
43. Angela Chen (Moravian)
44. Neil Deshmukh (Moravian)
45. Chris Goodrich (Oxford)
46. Max Lind (PALCS)
47. Connor Mayers (Penn Manor)
48. Jude Sweeney (Pittsburgh Central Catholic)
49. Albert Zhang (State College)
50. Allen Farbaugh (State College)
51. Chris Kopp (State College)
52. Darren Chen (State College)
53. Jupiter Ding (State College)
54. Kyle Hynes (State College)
55. Connor Coyle (Trinity)
56. Luke Capper (Trinity)
57. Anastasia Ioppolo (Wallenpaupack)
58. Gavin Hearn (Wallenpaupack)
59. Andy Zivkovic (Winchester Thurston)
60. Johnny Stern (Winchester Thurston)

Each of these players will receive an email to themselves or their coach in the coming days about NASAT Tryouts. The plan is to take as many people the committee sees fit and will make an impact for Team Pennsylvania.

The link to either sign up for a tryout or apply for a wild card is here. The cost to try out will be $15 per person, to help pay for the question set.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at [email protected]. We hope to showcase Pennsylvania’s brightest in Ohio this June!
Ashish Kumbhardare

Henderson '16
Penn State '20

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