Illinois NAQT State Championship - Seeking staff!

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Illinois NAQT State Championship - Seeking staff!

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The Illinois NAQT State Championship will be hosted Saturday, February 29th at the University of Illinois [the exact building is still pending]. As always, we are in special need of moderators capable of reading at least 20 tossups of NAQT's Division II SCT set while subject to 10 minute timed halves. Scorekeepers are also critical to this event.

Moderators will be paid $40 and Scorekeepers will be paid $30. All staffers will be provided a light breakfast, think donuts, bagels, coffee, and juice, as well as lunch, very likely pizza.

All staffers would have to be at the tournament site no later than 8:15 AM and would be free to go sometime around 5:00 PM

If you can confirm that you are able to staff, please fill out this form:

Additionally, if anyone is interested in assisting Team Illinois tryouts, to be run on Sunday, March 1st, please fill out this form: The majority of staffers will only be required to read bonuses to students in a one-on-one setting.
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