Kentucky 2019-20

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Kentucky 2019-20

Post by Rococo A Go Go » Thu Jul 11, 2019 12:38 pm

Italics for middle school tournaments
Bold for state and national tournaments

September 7:
September 14:
September 21: Glasgow Scottie (Glasgow)
September 28:

October 5:
October 12:
October 19:
October 26: Dunbar Bulldog Middle School and JV Invitational (Lexington)

November 2:
November 9: KAAC JV Challenge (Various Locations)
November 16: University of Kentucky Fall Tournament (Lexington); Brian Keith Durham Memorial Tournament (Louisville)
November 23: Class Act High School Invitational (Louisville)
November 24: KQBA Mixed Team Event (Louisville)
November 30: (Thanksgiving Weekend)

December 7:
December 14:
December 21:
December 28

January 4:
January 11: Fleming County Academic Tournament (Flemingsburg)
January 18:
January 25: KAAC Governor's Cup District (Various Locations)

February 1: Jesse Brown Small School Showcase (Glasgow)
February 8:
February 15: KAAC Governor's Cup Regional (Various Locations)
February 22: Class Act Middle School Invitational (Louisville)
February 29: Kentucky NAQT State Quizbowl Championship (Lexington)
March 1: KQBA Individual Event (Lexington)

March 7:
March 14: KAAC Governor's Cup State Finals (Louisville)
March 21:
March 28: NHBB Kentucky State Championship (Glasgow)

April 4:
April 11: (Easter)
April 18:
April 25: NAQT Small School National Championship Tournament (Chicago)

May 2:
May 9: NAQT Middle School National Championship Tournament (Chicago)
May 16:
May 22- 24: NAQT High School National Championship Tournament (Atlanta)

June 6: PACE National Scholastic Championship (Chicago)
June 13:
June 20:
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Re: Kentucky 2019-20

Post by FCPanther » Thu Jul 18, 2019 8:04 am

Fleming County Academic Tournament will be January 11. Most other details will be the same. More information coming soon
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Re: Kentucky 2019-20

Post by Teddymons123 » Sat Jul 20, 2019 12:18 am

Here are my thoughts for the 2019-2020 Kentucky Circuit. As a note KAAC (Kentucky Association for Academic Competition) is a Quizbowl-esque organization that runs district, region, and state competitions as well as JV challenge (Freshman and Sophomore). Unlike national formats it is also comprised of written assessments and FPS (Future Problem Solving) which count toward overall tournament points. Quick Recall is the Quiz Bowl like component of the event

Paul Laurence Dunbar - Dunbar was the strongest team in KY last year earning high finishes at both national tournaments. Although they lost three of their starters, the team that won the NAQT state title was entirely comprised of returning players and only suffered one loss. Henry Blyth (History) Grace Goff (Literature) Aneesh Kadambi (FA generalist) and Teerth Patel (Science) Are all good at their subjects and are very solid. Dunbar has a deep roster as well having several players such as David Vulahk and Noah Katz who could be important for next years team. They will certainly be a state and even national contender.

Woodford - Woodford County is a strong team indeed. Both Keaton Martin (FA) and Trevor Wells (History) are great players in their fields and are bolstered by Claire Pinkton (Literature), and Logan Craig (not sure on subject), who are good in their own right. Both Trevor and Keaton were on Kentucky’s NASAT team last year. At the NAQT State, both teams made playoffs. They will most definitely be a team to watch out for.

Glasgow - Glasgow is now officially the three time SSNCT champion. Although they may have lost three of their four starters, Glasgow’s B team seems like it can take the reigns. Captained by Tabby Cline, Glasgow B was T17 at SSNCT which also included Stratton Kiser (a generalist who is good at myth), Mathew Polson, and Griffin Reid. Returning from the A is Cade Bishop. Glasgow will certainly have the possibility of a fourth championship win.

Middlesboro - Middlesboro is hot off of winning the Very Small School championship and Runner Up at SSNCT which was their first nationals appearance in a fair while. Middlesboro loses like most of the teams on this list three of its four starters. While still retaining a humanities generalist, the team loses its literature and science player. It is uncertain if Middlesboro can still remain competitive next year. Much work will be required to do so.

Russel - Russel was 7th at SSNCT last with Ayog Prassas and Jackson Raich both having excellent performances. However, Russel has lost its literature player which may hurt the team, but the previous players sister also does literature and may be able to fill in the gap. Russel preforms well in KAAC state competitions making a run to the final eight but was beat out by Glasgow. Russel also tests well at that tournament, placing third overall. Russel will be a strong team next year.

Johnson Central - Johnson Central plays little Quiz Bowl, But is a contender for the KAAC title after winning overall last year. Johnson has a deep roster containing many good players. Since Johnson does not play much Quiz Bowl, it is difficult to judge how good they are as statists are lacking in this degree. I have personally played them at KAAC State and they were very good there. If they decide to play more Quiz Bowl, expect them to be competitive.

Daviess County - Daviess County was a good team last year placing 6th at NAQT state, but with the loss of Alec Phelps, it is a bit more muddled. I am unsure what the replacement will be for Alec’s deep science background. Still returning though are strong players Noah Owen, Andrew Ellis, and Christian Vincent. I feel that they will be a good team but they need to patch their holes.

Campbell County - I’ll be honest I don’t know that much about them as they generally do not play Quiz Bowl. At KAAC they are competitive as they placed several people in tests at the state competition. I can’t say much else.

Danville - As of right now Danville and Glasgow are tied for most SSNCT championships. Eli Gooch led Danville to T11 at SSNCT last year but now he is gone. Danville is a historical program and does have the potential to reshuffle its self. It remains to be seen of they can however.


DuPont Manuel - Manuel has always been a strong team, but they lose Jake Powell who was one of the best history players in the state. Manuel has a good pool and I’m sure that they can recuperate from these losses. They did not play in any national tournament so I’m not certain how the rest of the team is.

Tell me if I missed any teams
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Re: Kentucky 2019-20

Post by Scottietodd » Sat Jul 20, 2019 10:00 am

The 2019 Scottie will be Saturday, September 21, 2019. Register here:viewtopic.php?f=1&t=22727
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