Southeast End Of Year Poll

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Southeast End Of Year Poll

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Hello Everyone,

Unfortunately, the quiz bowl season of 2019-2020 has been cut short by COVID-19, so I decided to set up a Southeast region End-Of-Year Quizbowl Poll. Although anyone can vote for the southeast poll, please only vote for teams and players in Southeast, and the DC Metro will be excluded from this poll.

For the first section of the poll, please choose your top teams, and then in the next two sections, please choose the best players, freshmen, and sophomores overall, and then choose the best category players from all of the categories represented.

Justification is not required but is recommended. Here is the poll:

Voting will end at a to be announced time. Campaigning is encouraged, but please keep all discussion civil.
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Re: Southeast End Of Year Poll

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VA other than DC Metro is acceptable, right? For my purposes, the SEgion is NC, TN, SC, GA, AL, MS, FL, and LA, plus VA outside the Metro area.

Here are all the people I have played in person who you should vote for:

From my own team, Ewan Mitchell is a senior and as far as I know is the best trash player in the region. He was the second highest scorer on HS Acronym at HSNCT last year, albeit as a solo team. Bo Chi is a freshman science-based generalist who has a lot more knowledge than his stats show because the rest of our team shadows him on non-science matters. I don't know if we are putting MS players anywhere on these polls, but if they are eligible for the FA poll, you all should consider Krishna Rajagopal for one of the last spots on your FA poll, though I'm not sure how many FA players other regions of the SE have.

Kevin Liu from NCSSM is a great generalist and a senior. He's probably also a good candidate for the history poll.

Chinmay Talikoti from Enloe deserves consideration for your history and sophomore ballot. He was the fifth highest freshman at PACE last year.

Lux Haney-Jardine is the literature player, I think, for Christ School, and he's quite good.

Joseph Chambers from Douglas Freeman is probably on the geographic border of this poll, but he's a sophomore and should definitely be on your ballot for that.
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